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Crochet Reference Section


Learn the different abbreviations I use in the patterns I design. Most of the abbreviations are the standard abbreviations for most patterns you will find but some are for specific stitches I use that may or may not be found inother designer's patterns.

Crochet Stitches

In this section, you will find the various crochet stitches I use and how they are worked up. Some of them you may not see in other patterns so they are explained here. Some actually have videos showing you how they are stitched.

Basic Graph Paper

Download this free collection of basic graph paper pages in various sizes. Use for anything you would use graph paper for from cross stitch designs to laying out a floor plan!

Play Dough Recipes

Here are 4 recipes for making play dough for your kids!

Printable Graph Paper

Here is a basic sheet of graph paper you can print directly from your browser to use in any of your projects that call for using graph paper. The grid is not an exact size so if your grid size is not important, this graph paper will work for you just fine.

Cross Stitching on Crochet

Learn the techniques need to make cross stitches on a crocheted surface. You can create all sorts of cute items by adding some cross stitching to basic items like crocheted mittens, scarves, hats and afghans!

Double Duty Crochet Patterns

In this section, you will learn how you can take one pattern and use it for another purpose! What can you do with scrunchies, granny squares or doilies? Click the button below to find out!

Store Yarn and Thread

In this page, you will learn different ways you can store your yarn and thread. There are many ways and this page explains just a few.

Storing Crochet Magazines

You will learn different ways to store your magazines. For example, you can store them in plastic magazine holders that can be purchased at any large box store. Click the button below to find more ways to store your magazines.

Designing Filet Patterns

Learn how to design your own filet pattern stitch charts! It's not as hard as you think.' There is the traditional graph paper but then there is software! Click the button below to find out more!

Designing Patterns

Learn How to design your own crochet patterns. This is just a starting point for starting to design your own patterns. This is what I actually do. Follow my steps but then develop your own method that works for you.

Enlarging Patterns

Learn the basics of how to enlarge crochet patterns. Enlarging patterns can be daunting at first until you learn the basics. There will be math involved but don't let that scare you off from making that favorite pattern the size you want it to be.

Increasing and Decreasing

Learn the basics of how to increase and decrease in a crochet pattern. There are different methods of increasing and decreasing stitches in a pattern, this page explains a few ways it can be done and the way I do most of mine.

Joining Motifs

Learn the basics of how to join motifs such as granny squares together. There are a few ways you can join motifs together, this page just shows my favorite ways. It is a great starting point for most motifs.

Starching or Blocking Doilies

Learn the basics of how to shape your doilies. This the way I block my doilies when they need it. All you need is an iron, some pins or toothpicks, an ironing board, a clean cloth and patience!

Weaving in Ends

Learn the basics of how to weave ends in. For the most part, this is the way I weave my ends in. Click the button to see how I do it. I find this method to be the most effiecient way of weaving ends in.

Julie A Bolduc's Bio

Learn about Julie, her history with crochet and experiences.

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