I have decided I will no longer send email updates. If you want to know when I have updated the site, I will be sending notices to Facebook. Just Plain Fun Group

No More Newsletters Via Email

I have decided I will no longer send email updates. If you want to know when I have updated the site, I will be sending notices to Facebook.

NEW! Coloring Pages! I have added a new area in the craft section of the site. You can now get coloring pages! I will be adding them as I have time to do so. Right now, as of March 2, 2024 there are 8 you can choose from and I do plan to add more in the future. The first one is for Everyone but most of them will be available for points and in PDF format only.

About New Updates

On February 17, 2023, I lost everything that was on the site. I made the descision to rebuild the site from scratch and build it the way I used to do it back before 2018 when I moved the site to a new server. If you were a member before February 17, 2023 and you have not signed back up yet, you will have to sign back up as if you never were a member before. This time, memberships are free and they are point based. I am never going to charge for memberships again. I promise!

Membership Points Accounts Are Back

Coming Sometime in 2024: You will be able redeem points on stuff I would send to you through the mail. Anything I can send that weighs less than a pound, that I have in my stuff, I will offer for points. No cost to you, not even postage. There will also be pre-cut fabrics available for points. I have so much fabric, I will never use, I thought I would share it with my site visitors. I may also start making bracelets again to offer for points. That way, I hope to have something that people would want. I am also into 3D printing and have some ideas there as well. This will only be offered to people in the USA. I also have wood rings I will make available for points. I want to get rid of the inventory I have to make room for other stuff. When the wood rings are gone, I will not get any more.

I reserve the right to make future Brand New Patterns and Projects, I add to the site, only available for purchase through paypal.

Paper bead templates, which I will be uploading in 2023 - 2024, for the most part, will not be free. They will be available at Etsy as they are now, in bundles. I will make one template out of each machine and printable, but not the universal bundle free so you can see how they work. You can download just one sample of the universal templates so you can see how they work.

Even though this is what I do for a living, I will no longer be offering paid memberships, ever. It's just not worth the effort for what little income I got. My income will be from the paper back books, kindle books, paper bead tools, ad income from Google and YouTube, paper bead templates, and anything I sell on Etsy and Amazon.

Random Quick Tip!