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Patterns Designed in September Since 1998!

September Hexagon Motif Beads and Shells Pencil Cup Vst Moebius Scarf Thermal Stitch Business Card Holder Ocean Breeze Bookmark Little Pumpkin Candy Dish Sewing Kit Pincushion Simple Lunch Bag Pointsettia Lazy Susan Mat Clusters Tissue Box Cover Tunisian Scrunchie Pumpkin Bath Tissue Cover Plushy Bowtie Scarf Shell Stitch Tuna Can Pincushion Pumpkin Utensil Holder Simple Boutique Tissue Cover Bobble Stripes Pillowghan Square Dumb Bell Baby Rattle Elegant Kitty Wall Hanging Shell Stitch Baby Bib Simple Shells Pencil Cup Summer's Day Dishcloth Mini Pineapple Tree Skirt Thick Coaster Small Wedding Tea Light Candleholder Large Wedding Tea Light Candleholder Small Coffee Can Cover Ruffled Triangle Coaster My Man's Hat Floppy Disk Pouch Curlycue Scrunchie Snowflake Stocking Clover Center Granny Square Ruffled Candle Infant or Doll's Thumbless Mittens Super Single Scrubber Credit Card or Business Card Holder Spinning Spiders Doily Climbing Ants Bookmark Open Windows Plant Hanger Inchworms Scrunchie Fun Coaster Tunisian Beaded Necklace Infant or Doll's Hat Lacy Lacets Sachet Snowflake Fridgie Pineapple Guardian Angel Glittery Celtic Ball Ornament Thermal Stitch Dishcloth Double Thick Oval Potholder September Square Filigree Crystal Snowflake Beaded Mile-A-Minute Bracelet Scalloped Trebles Scrunchie Bulb Sachet Ornament Lacy Snowflake Motif Spiked Hot Pad All Occasion Wreath Coaster Covered Boutique Box Beaded Wrist Strap Cluster Cross Dishcloth Frilly Scrunchie Lacy Ice Crystal Loopy Scrunchie Granny Potholder Wavy Pillowghan Square Touch of Sparkle Hair Bow Stars & Stripes Hacky Sac Christmas Candle Apple Pie Sachet Lemon Slice Bookmark Fall Flower Fridgie Lemon Lime Dishcloth Black Beaded Choker Spiderweb Suncatcher & Spider Majestic Pineapple Angel Ornament Strawberry Ornament Pumpkin Coaster Half Moon Potholder Refrigerator Pocket Clipart Ornament Popcorn Square

Today's Featured Pattern

Image of Linked Trebles Scarf

Linked Trebles Scarf
This scarf is made with a stitch I found in the Harmony Guide to Crochet Stitches. It uses just one skein of yarn and fun to make.

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Daily Scavenger Hunt Game

Find this picture somewhere on this site!

Date: Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Item: You are hunting for the My Man's Hat.
Clue:You will find it in the Pencil Cup patterns.
The item will be changed and in a different place every day.

Scavenger Hunt Items