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Handmade Adjustable Paper Bead Rollers

Colorful Plastic 4 inch long Handles and 5 split pin thicknesses!

All 5 Rollers

Set of 5 Adjustable Length Paper Bead Rollers

Color Coded According to Size!
Made with Mostly Recycleable Materials.
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Set of Five

Set of 5 Adjustable Length Paper Bead Rollers With Slim Handles Purchase Price: $35.95

Set of Three

Set of Three Adjustable Length Paper Bead Rollers Purchase Price: $27.95

Size #1, 5/64"

Size #1, 5/64" Adjustable Length Paper Bead Rollers Purchase Price: $14.95

Size #2, 3/32"

Size #2, 3/32" Adjustable Length Paper Bead Rollers Purchase Price: $14.95

Size #3, 1/8"

Size #3, 1/8" Adjustable Length Paper Bead Rollers Purchase Price: $14.95

Size #4, 5/32"

Size #4, 5/32" Adjustable Length Paper Bead Rollers Purchase Price: $14.95

Size #5, 3/16"

Size #5, 3/16" Adjustable Length Paper Bead Rollers Purchase Price: $14.95
Animated Adjustable Paper Bead Roller

The Split Pins are Adjustable!

I have been wanting to improve on the split pin paper bead rollers for a long time, a way of adding a space between the pins that can be pinched closed but still be easy to insert the paper. I have come up with something a whole lot better! Much more than just adding a space, I have made them adjustable! You can adjust the length of the pins to exactly the length you need up to around 4 inches long! Now you don't have to buy 2 bead rollers of the same thickness to get the length you want! When you are making small beads, just leave the pins short. If you need more space for your fingers or for longer beads, pull the pins out to get just the right length! These bead rollers are handmade by me!

Paper Bead Roller Features

  • You can make up to 2-3/4" long beads with these Paper Bead Rollers.
  • These paper bead rollers are color coded so when you learn what size is what color, it will be easier to choose which one you need for the size holes you want.
  • This paper bead roller is made by hand, using an assembly line, 17 step process. I actually do most of the work myself but sometimes my husband will step in to help me with some of the steps.
  • The split winding pins are made with the same exact recycleable stainless steel as the split pin paper bead rollers, with the wood handles had.
  • All of the handles for the paper bead rollers are exactly the same thickness. 13mm diameter.
  • The handles are made with long, clear, recycleable polysterene tubes.
  • The spit pin winding tip pulls out of the handle, up to a length from 1.25" to 3" long. The exact lengths may vary from set to set due to the handmade nature of these paper bead rollers.
  • The winding pins are split all the way through for better winding control.
  • There is a very small gap between the pins to make it easier to insert the paper. You can use a 2nd stabilizer bead, you make yourself, by pushing it up to the silicone cap to squeeze the pins together to secure the paper between the pins.
  • The pins are secured into the handle so you don't have to worry about them being pulled all the way out.
  • Your Paper Bead Rollers will be tucked in a clear resealable bag the same way as the wooden handled slotted paper bead rollers.
  • I have included 2 stabilizer beads for each of the 5 bead rollers to keep the pins together while winding papers. Only one stabilizer is bead is really required but you can make more stabilizer beads with paper if you need to. All of the stabilizer beads are made with a paper bead roller with printed paper that matches the handle. You do need to take care when beginning to roll with the pins because there is a wire spacer between the pins which will make them shift if you don't use the stabilizer beads.
  • The pretty part of the handle includes a band with the size of the hole it makes printed right on it. They have for example for the smallest one, it will show "#1 5/64" " You will be able to clearly see it as it has a white background with black print.
  • How I made the pretty part of the handle is a company secret! All I can tell you is that is it not actually part of the polysterene tubes I get. The tubes are clear.
  • The main point of the 5 colors of the handles is to make them color coded. For example, I will not be offering a 5 bead roller set all of one color. If you do order the set of 5 Adjustable Paper Bead Rollers, all 5 colors you see will be the colors you get. When you order the 5 roller set, you will get a free purple pin tool that has a 1-1/4" x 1/16" stainless steel blunt needle

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