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Paper Bead Templates, 5/8in x 3/8in strips
This picture shows what is in the PDF file only.

Cricut Design Space Size Chart

SVG File IDPaper Size Inches Width Height
p058038-85 8.5x11 8 10.5
p058038-11 8.5x11 7.625 10.5
p058038-12 12x12 11.5 11.5
p058038-88 8x8 6.5 7.5
p058038-66 6x6 5.5 5.5
Width and Height is Inch Settings in Cricut Design Space The sizes on this chart are only for the Machine cutting files in this set. Other sizes will vary depending on how many strips will fit on a page.
Paper Bead Cutting Machine Templates, 5/8in x 3/8in strips

Barrel: 5/8in x 3/8in strips

Designed by: Julie A. Bolduc
Day Added: January 23, 2024
Template ID: p058038

PDF Files Paper Strip Sizes: 5/8in to 3/8in x 8.5in and 11in long.
Machine Files Paper Sizes: 8.5x11in, 12x12in, 8x8in, 6x6in

Some of the files have an extra strip that will be a different color from the rest. This strip is not the same size. Use it as a waste bead. In Cricut Design Space, once it has been grouped and Attached, the strip will turn from the odd color to the same color as the rest of the strips.

For Members

The pdf file is for printing onto paper and the zip file contains svg files for use on your electronic cutting machine.
To download the pdf or svg file, right click or Control click depending on what operating system you have.

To learn more about our paper bead templates, go to Templates Home.

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