Eyeglass Case Cover

Eyeglass Case Cover Designed by Julie A. Bolduc

Do you have an old ugly eyeglass case? Do you hang on to it cause you do not like to throw things away? Would you like to cover it up?? Well I have just the pattern for you then. It is an eyeglass case cover. It is just the right size to cover that old ugly eyeglass case. It would also make a great gift for the Holidays worked up in Holiday Colors.

Materials Needed:
Worsted Weight acrylic yarn, Red Heart yarn in Raspberry and White.
Size G hook
yarn Needle
Old eyeglass case

Yarn Thickness: 4mm
Gauge=4dc per inch 2dc rows per inch
Finished Size=3.5"X6.75"
Skill Level Beginner

Special Stitches
3dc shell 3dcsh Work 3dc in the st indicated.
5dc shell 5dcsh work 5dc in the st indicated.

With Raspberry
ROW 1: Ch22, sc in 2nd ch from hook. Sk next ch, *3dcsh in next ch, sk next ch, sc in next ch. Rep from * across. Your last stitch should be a sc in the last ch. Ch3, turn.

ROW 2: Dc in first sc, sc in 2nd dc of sh. *3dcsh in next sc, sc in 2nd dc of next sh. Rep from * across. Work 2dc in last sc. Ch1, turn.

ROW 3: Sc in first dc. 3dcsh in next sc. Sc in 2nd dc of next sh. 3dcsh in next sc. Rep from * across. Sc in last dc in row. Ch3, turn.

ROW 4-11: Rep rows 2&3 alternately.

Work down the left side.1dc in the rows that end with a sc and 3 dc in the rows that end with a shell. So it will be *(1dc, in sc, 3dc around post of last dc in last shell). Rep from * all the way down the left side. Work 5 dc in corner. Work 1dc in each ch across bottom. 5dc in corner, then rep bet ( ) up the right side. work 5 dc in top right corner then work the following across the top. Work 1dc ineach of the next 3 dc. [Yo, insert hook into the sc, draw up a lp, pull through 2 lps on hook, yo insert hook into next dc, draw up a lp, pull through 2 lps on hook then yo again and draw through all lps on hook. 1dc in each of the next 2dc. ] Rep between [ ] across. work 5dc in first corner. Join w/slst to top of ch3.

Closing Case:
Now you are going to slst the cover closed. To do this, fold the case in half length wise leaving the side just finished as the top and open. Now working through the inside lps of the each st down the left and across the bottom. Slst in each st. Fasten off Raspberry.

Turn the case over so that the slst edge is on the right and the top is at the top.

RND1:Tie the white yarn on the first dc of the 5dc shell in the corner. Sc in this same st. *Sk the next dc, 5dcsh in next st, sk next st, sc in next st. Rep from * around top. You should end up with a sc in the last st of the 5dc corner on the other side. Join w/slst to first sc.

RND 2: Slst to the 3rd dc of the first 5dcsh. Sc in this same st. *5dcsh in next sc, sc in 3rd dc of next sh. Rep from * around. You should end with a sc in the last 5dcsh made in the previous round. Slst in each of the next 3 sts. Fasten off and weave all ends into work.
Insert Case into cover.

Designed on Thursday, June 25, 1998. Copyright © 1998 by Julie A. Bolduc f114003

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