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Wood Ring Sachet

Wooden Ring Sachet

Designed by Julie A. Bolduc

This sachet is made with a wooden ring which is surrounded by a piece of all over lace then stuffed with Orange potpourri. It is embellished with gold lame ribbon and a cameo. A paper clip attached to the back acts as a hanger so it can be hung on a Christmas tree or in a closet.

    Materials Needed
  • 1 Wooden Ring 3"x½"
  • 2 tbsp potpourri of choice.
  • 8½"x8½" square piece of all over lace
  • 2 yards 1/8" wide gold lame ribbon
  • 1 cameo or embellishment of choice.
  • 1 small rubber band
  • 1 paperclip
  • Model Glue
Finished Size: 3"x 6"

STEP 1: Wrap the lace over the ring so that the points of the square are gathered up at the top of the ring. Now hold the ring in the palm of your hand so that you can open up the front to stuff it with the potpourri. Close it back up and secure the top with the rubber band.

STEP 2: Lay an 8" piece of the ribbon on the table in front of you. Make a bow with the rest of the gold lame ribbon by wrapping the ribbon around the palm of your hand. Slip the ribbon off your hand and lay down in front of you. Across the 8" length of ribbon. Then tie the 8" piece of ribbon around the center of the loops you made. Make a knot. Then tie the bow just made around the rubber band on the sachet so that the bow is on the front side.

STEP 3: Glue the cameo in place on front with the model glue.

STEP 4: Attach paper clip to back to form hanger.

Design written on Wednesday, September 08, 1999. Copyright ©1999 By Julie A. Bolduc f126004

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