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The Latest Pattern

Image of Baxter Beanie

Baxter Beanie
Added: August 28, 2017
This winter had can be made for any size head by just changing the number of rows in the cuff. Just make sure to make an even number of rows. You can also adjust the repeated rows to fit the crown.

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Today's Featured Pattern

Image of Vst Pencil Cup

Vst Pencil Cup
This pencil cup is fast and easy to make. I made it in just over an hour. The only tedious part is weaving in all of the ends but to reduce that task, you could make it with all one color if you choos...

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Daily Scavenger Hunt Game

Find this picture somewhere on this site!

Date: Monday, January 15, 2018
Item: You are hunting for the Shell Stitch Plant Pot Cover.
Clue:You will find it in the Ornament patterns.
The item will be changed and in a different place every day.

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