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Fabric Drying Rack

Starching Fabric for Quilting

I starch my fabrics before I cut them with my AccuQuilt cutting system. You can do this with scraps or yardage. I primarily like to do this to fat quarters and smaller. I like to starch my fabrics for quilting in layers. I then hang my pieces of fabric on a wall mounted indoor clothes drying rack. I spray the starch on the fabrics as I stack them. I get enough fabric wet at one time to fill the rack. I let the fabric sit, stacked, for a few minutes after spraying the top layer to give the fabric a chance to soak up all of the starch. The fabrics have soaked up enough fabric to hang on the rack without dripping so I don't need to put anything on the floor to protect it. It takes about an hour to an hour and a half to completely dry. I then take the pieces of fabric off of the drying rack and iron them. I let the fabrics dry completely before ironing them so the starch won't transfer to my iron and make a mess on it.

How to Starch Fabrics

  1. Work on a large table such as a dining or cutting table protected by layers of brown paper topped with a teflon pressing cloth. This protects my cutting table from the starch.
  2. Lay fabric in one layer on your surface and spray the starch on it.
  3. Lay 2nd layer of fabric on top of wet first layer, smooth it down with a little pressure to help soak up excess starch from first layer and spray again.
  4. Repeat step 2 until you feel you have enough fabric to fill your drying rack.
  5. Let the wet fabric sit for about 5 minutes before hanging.
  6. Hang the wet but not dripping fabric pieces onto your drying rack spacing them so they are just touching each other. You can fold them if needed to make more room, the fabric may take longer to dry.
  7. Once dry, iron each piece to smooth out any wrinkles.

Products Used for Starching

The Niagra Spray Starch and the Acorn Brand Starch are the items I use in my sewing room. I have not tried Best Press or Stayflo but I thought I would put them in this list of starches.

The links are affiliate links for Amazon.com. If you use these links, I will get a small commision for the sale. I actually use the drying rack and the Niagra and Acorn Products .