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On this page are Amazon affiliate links to products I use in my quilting and sewing projects. Click on the images to check them out on Amazon.

I just started to use this to stitch my batting pieces to the edge of the seams in my Quilt as You Piece blocks. It helps to prevent the sewing machine to cause shifting of the batting while stitching it. Perfect for when your batting pieces are the same exact size as your fabric pieces.

This is my most recent purchase for my paper crafting. I purchased it in very late December 2021 and it arrived on January 6th 2022. My plan is to use it with paper bead making and perhaps getting custom paper bead making dies in the future. Check out my Video at YouTube for the Unboxing and Review of this Bira Sunlit Cutting & Embossing Machine.

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This is what I using in the Mystery Quilt I am working on. I am cutting it up as I need it. I love how soft it is and especially the fact that it is made right here in Maine! It is really easy to work with and using it in my quilts makes the quilts so cuddly!

I have 2 of these weights and they are the same one you see me use on the YouTube videos of the various blocks I make using the Quilt as You Piece method. I also use them when I am cutting paper for paper beads using the rotary cutter, quilting ruler and cutting mat.

I have this set of precision piecing products which I use quite often, not all of the time but often. It works really well to keep your seams in place while stitching them. It really works great for accurate piecing especially with the way I make my quilts in the Quilt as You Piece method.

This is the product I use to starch my fabrics when I need to have a bit more control with them. It works really well and it actually helps to pre-shrink the fabric before it is cut out. The way I use it, I cut my fabrics into the size strips I need and treat the strips instead of the whole piece of fabric. After it is cool, I then cut it into the shapes I need. Fabric tends to shrink on the width of fabric and not on the length of it. You know, from selvage to selvage.

I love this starch alternative so much, I decided to buy a gallon of it! It also works great to flatten seams that seem to be stubborn.

This is the glue I use most often for my seams. It is easy to use and less expensive than the Acorn glue.

This is the washable glue stick you see me use in my quilt block videos. This is for a package of 60 sticks.

This is the rotary cutter I use. It is the best one I ever used and I have used about 5 different types. This one is only for fabric.

I have had my old pair of Fiskars Scissors for about 30 years and decided to buy a new pair. This is the pair I bought in October 2021! I love them! They are the best scissors I have ever owned for fabric only!

This is the air erasable marking pen I use for my quilting. I actually left the cap off overnight once and the next day it was still working! I love this marking pen!