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Privacy & Safety Policy:

I respect your privacy and I will not give or sell your email address or any other private information to anyone at anytime for any reason. The only information I request when and if you become a member is  your first and last name, mailing address, email address, birth date and a username and password. I ask for your birth date because I want to make sure that only adults are signing up for memberships. The only reason I ask for your postal mailing address when  you become a member is because the form was made by someone else and it came packaged in the software I use. I cannot turn that part of the sign up process off. I seriously do not need your mailing address for Just Plain Fun memberships.


I promise never to send you anything by mail unless you order something specific through my online outlets such as Amazon.com, Ebay, Etsy and jpfun.com.

This site is safe for children. I will not tolerate anything that is not safe for small children to be allowed to be posted or added to this site. Even though this site is safe for children, the main reason I want only adults to sign up for memberships is so that if parents sign up for their children, the account will be in the parent's name and not the child's name for the child's privacy.

We use 3rd party payment platforms for purchases made through links from this site.

So any of your information you give to one of these 4 payment platforms or websites, I do not have access to, unless you actually order one of my products through their websites. I will then get mailing address information as well as your phone number only when you place an order of a product I make and sell. 
I use Stamps.com software on my computer to process international orders and orders I get paid through Etsy, Ebay and Paypal. I do keep those mailing addresses in my Stamps.com software and I am the only one that has access to that information. Once per year, I purge all of the mailing addresses in that software and start over.

I use Amazon.com's order processing system for USA only orders, so your mailing address gets printed from their site, directly onto my adhesive labels and I never keep those mailing addresses.



This site does have a security certificate so any information you put on this site is encrypted and protected.