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Vst Poncho

Image of My daughter Joanna is wearing the poncho Designed By Julie A. Bolduc

This is the very first poncho I ever designed. I usually do not design clothing but since I figure this one can be considered one size fits most, and it took me less than a week to complete, I can include it on this site. This is made in all one piece, in the round, using a very easy stitch so this can be made by a beginner.
Click here to download the PDF version.

Materials Needed
3 8oz/225g skein worsted weight yarn in Soft White. Red Heart was used in the example.
Size H/8 or 5mm aluminum crochet hook.
Yarn needle

Yarn Thickness 4mm
Gauge: 4dc = 1"
Finished Size: One size fits most adults. 39"L 44"W
Skill Level: Beginner to intermediate

Image of

RND 1: Ch74. Being careful not to twist chain, join w/slst to first ch to form ring. Ch1. Sc in next ch. Ch2. Sc in each of the next 37 chs. ch2. Sc in each of the next 35 chs. Join w/slst to ch1.

RND 2: Ch4, dc in same st as slst. Sk next st. (Dc, ch1, dc, ch2, dc, ch1, dc in next ch2 sp. Counts as vst, ch2 sp vst.) Sk next st. [(Dc, ch1, dc in next st. (vst made) Sk next st.] Rep bet [] until you come to the next ch2 sp. You will sk the last sc before the sp. Rep bet () in the next ch2 sp. Sk next st. Rep bet [] until you come to the first vst made. Sk the last st just before the first vst. Join w/slst to top of ch3.

This next round is the round you repeat for as many rows as you need. Remember, you will treat each chain 2 space that you worked in as a vst, ch2 sp, vst.

RND 3: Slst into the first vst. Ch3, ch1, dc in same sp. Vst in each vst. Vst, ch2, vst in next ch2 sp. Vst in each vst. Vst, ch2, vst in next ch2 sp. Vst in each vst. Join w/slst to top of ch3.

Rep rnd 3 until you reach your desired length.

Cut about 600 pieces of yarn 6" long. Attach 1 piece of yarn to each st on the perimeter using a larks head knot.

Larks Head knot.
Fold piece of yarn in half. Insert hook in stitch, pull folded end through stitch, then wrap ends around hook and pull through the loop and pull tight to secure it.

Instructions for altering sizes.
The starting ring should be big enough to go over the person's head and it should be an even number of chains, that when divided by 2 results in an odd number. For example, this one starts at 74 chains. 74&247;2=37. That way you will have 2 halves that are started on an odd number of stitches. Once you finish the first 2 rows, then you just make the poncho as long as you need it.

Design written on Wednesday, March 14, 2001. Copyright ©2000 By Julie A. Bolduc p124005

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This crochet pattern is for personal use only and is not to be resold.