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Clipart Ornament

Image of Clipart Ornament Front Designed by Julie A. Bolduc

You will need iron on transfer paper for an inkjet printer. If you do not have a color inkjet or bubble jet printer you can use rubber stamps or your own artwork to make the design for the ornament.
Click Here for the PDF Version

Materials Needed:
With printer
To Make 6 ornaments
10"x12" piece of white cotton muslin
1 sheet iron on transfer paper, with printer
Or if no printer, rubberstamps or fabric paint or fabric pens.
Sewing thread and needle
Polyester fiberfill
Cebelia Size 20 crochet cotton, white
Size 11 steel crochet hook
Fine tapestry needle

Thread Thickness: 20 thread
Gauge: 12sc=1"
Finished Size: =3½"" diameter
Skill LevelIntermediate

Instructions For Transfer Paper an other methods.
If you have a color printer and are able to use iron on transfer paper with it then you can do this.

Step 1. Mark your fabric so you have divided it into 12 sections. Use a pencil to draw faint lines to make a grid. 2 lines down to make 3 sections across and 3 lines across to make 4 sections down.

Clipart Ornament Back

Find a 2inch diameter circle such as a can or use a compass and using a disappearing ink pen, draw circles inside each of these sections centering each one. Then inside each circle put your designs using either rubber stamps, permanent fabric markers or any other method you like to use. To use your printer, read on. To start crocheting goto crochet instructions.

How to use your printer.
1. First of all, open up your label and sticker maker program you should have with your printer's software package. If you have never used it before. Follow all the instructions first on how to make round 2" stickers. Make a whole sheet of stickers. You should have 3 across and 4 down for a total of 12 stickers. The top 6 will be the front of the ornament and the bottom six will be the back. Choose the images you want on your ornaments and place them in the circles on the sheet.

STEP 2. Print out a test page using the Iron On transfer paper setting to make the images come out in reverse. Once you know it will come out right.

STEP 3. Go ahead and follow the manufacturer's instructions for printing out the transfer paper. The transfer paper has a couple of pale blue lines on it. Make sure that the side that the printer prints on is opposite of those blue lines. Do not print on the side with the blue lines.

STEP 4. Cut out the shapes carefully about 1/8" away from the printed edges. Leave a ¼" tab somewhere on the edges to fold back to be able to lift the transfer after ironing.

STEP 5. Position the transfers image side down on the fabric leaving at least ½" spaces between them and make them all facing the same direction. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for how to iron on. (heat settings, times, and when to remove transfer from fabric).

STEP 6. Wash fabric as instructed.

STEP 7. Cut out the rectangles along the pencil lines. Hold the front and back pieces together wrong sides facing each other, hold them up to the light and line up the images so they are even and going the same direction. Pin the pieces together outside the sewing area.

STEP 8. Using a needle and thread, (You can use a machine to stitch if you like.) Sew the two pieces together about �" away from the outer edges of the round image. Leave an opening of about 1" for stuffing. This will be tricky but take out the pin where the 1" opening is and lightly stuff the ornament then continue stitching it closed. Then take out all the pins and trim to within 1/8" of the stitching. After the stitching is done then you are ready to start crocheting.

Crochet Instructions
Tie the thread at the top of the ornament just under the stitching line. You will be hiding this stitching line. You may need to use a needle to get the thread through first. You should then be able to poke the hook through the fabric to make the stitches around.

RND 1: Ch1, work an odd number of sc around the outer edge hiding the sewing stitches. I managed 91 sts.

RND 2: Ch4, *sk next st, sc in next st. Ch3. Rep from * around. Join w/slst to first ch of ch4. You should now have an even number (46) ch3 lps around.

RND 3: Slst into the first ch3 sp. Ch5, dc, ch4, dc, ch2, dc in this first ch3 sp. Sc in next ch3 sp. *(dc, ch2, dc, ch4, dc, ch2, dc in next ch3 sp. Sc in next ch3 sp. Rep from * around. Join w/slst to 3rd ch of ch5. Fasten off weave ends into work and attach hanger to top.

Designed on Thursday, September 03, 1998. Copyright © 1998 by Julie A. Bolduc f103005

JPF Crochet Club where Crocheting is Just Plain Fun This pattern is for personal use only and not to be resold.