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Granny Square Letter Box

Image of Granny Square Letter Box Designed By Julie A. Bolduc

This box is made with plastic canvas as it's form. It also uses the basic granny square pattern which is on this site. You can use this box to store current bills not yet paid or as a place to keep letters you need to tend to. There are many other things you can use this box for.
Click to download the PDF version.

Materials Needed
2 oz Blue worsted weight acrylic yarn
1 oz white worsted weight yarn
2 sheets 7 count plastic canvas
yarn needle

Gauge: 4dc=1"
Yarn Thickness 4mm
Finished Size: 5½"x5½"x5½"
Skill Level: Intermediate

Squares. Make 4 the same
Following the pattern for the basic granny square, make rnds 1 & 2 blue. rnd3 white and rnd4 blue. NOTE: You can use any granny square as long as it will fit the plastic canvas squares correctly.

Plastic Canvas
Cut 5 squares 34x34 holes
Cut 4 squares 33 x33 holes

Using blue yarn and yarn needle, stitch the granny squares to 4 of the 34hole squares. Use an over-hand stitch and leave the outer "thread" of the plastic canvas square unworked.

After you stitch all 4 granny squares to the 4 PC squares, stitch the 4 squares together to form an open bottom & top box.

Sew the last 34 hole square to the bottom of box.

Sew the last 4 PC squares together as you did the first 4. Place inside the box and whip stitch the layers at the top together. Tack the inside pieces to the outside pieces at the bottom edges of the box.

Design written on Sunday, August 31, 2003. Copyright ©2003 By Julie A. Bolduc p114012

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This crochet pattern is for personal use only and is not to be resold.