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Mother's Day Corsage

Image of Mother's Day Corsage

Designed By Julie A. Bolduc

This corsage is made a bit on the large size and is meant to be that glorious corsage for a special event be it Mother's Day Church services or a wedding. Just imagine each bride's maid with one of these corsages.
Click here to download the PDF version.

Materials Needed:
Small amounts each color Southmaid or Knit-Cro-Sheen
Pink, green, white, yellow.
Floral wire 20 guage.
Floral Tape
3 Bridal Stamens. White.
Silk Ivy taken from Ivy Swag available at Wal-Mart
Lily's of the Valley sprigs. Also available at Wal-Mart
28" of 1½" wide white satin ribbon.
1" long pinback.
Or floral boutenier pin.
Tapestry needle

Yarn thickness: 10thread
Gauge Doesn't matter with this pattern. Yipppeeeee!
Finished Size: Overall size is 5" long 4" to 5" wide
Skill Level: Intermediate

Make a total of 3 flowers, one of each color.
ROW 1: Ch31. Dc in 2nd ch from hk & in each ch across. Ch1, turn.

ROW 2: *Work 1 of each in the next 7 sts. (sc, hdc, dc, tr, dc, hdc, sc.) Rep from * across. Sc in last st. Ch1, turn.

ROW 3: Work 5 dc in sc. *sc in tr. 9dc in sc. Rep from * across. Ch3. turn.

ROW 4: Sc in first st. *Ch3. Sc in next st. Rep from * across. Fasten off. Leave a 12" end.

Weave end down side and run across bottom through the starting chain to gather. Roll up and shape into bloom.

Make 3, one for each flower.
RND 1: Ch4, join with slst to first ch to form ring. Ch3. Wk 12 dc in ring. Join w/slst to first dc. This hides the ch3.

RND 2: *Ch6. Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each of the next 4 chs. Sc in next dc. Rep from * around. Join w/slst to first ch of ch6.

For each flower.
Step 1. Cut three 10" lengths of wire and bend each one in half.

Step 2. Poke the 2 ends of the wire down throught the center of a flower so the folded end is caught inside the flower this will become the stem.

Step 3. Poke the 2 ends together through the center hole of the calyx and push up to the base of the flower.

Step 4. Wrap the wires with the floral tape in a diagonal manner and make sure to have the calyx tightly up against the base of the flower. Start at the base of the calyx and work your way down to the bottom of the wires then fold the tape back up against the wires and work your way back up wrapping diagonally. You may want to double wrap it.

Set the flowers aside.

Step 5. From the swag, choose 2 groups of ivy leaves that have at least 5 leaves on them. Make sure to cut long enough to measure 6".

Step 6. Cut a 5" length from the bushiest sprig of Lily of the valley you can get.

7. Group together all stems starting with the ivy then the crocheted flowers, stamens then the lilys of the valley. Use the wire from one of the stamens to wrap around the whole bunch to hold them together.

Step 8. Wrap the bunch of stems with the floral tape in the same manner. You may want to trim the stems to the same length before finishing wrapping.

Step 9. After you are done wrapping, tie the ribbon around the top of the stems right under the head of the arrangement and make a bow. Cut the ends of the ribbon to the same length and so there is an inverted V at the ends.

Step 10. Attach pin to back. To attach 1" pinback, use the wire that you used to make the stems of the flowers and pass the wire through the holes in the pinback and wrap the wire around the ribbon on the back. You may have to fiddle around with it abit to make this work. Or you may want to glue it to the back using Aleene's Tacky Glue. Or Pin on garment with a boutenier pin.

Design Written in May 1998 Copyright© 1998 by Julie A. Bolduc p107002

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