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Filet Christmas Scrunchie
Teddy Bear Christmas Dress
Pot Scrubber
Washer Bracelet
Bath Cover
Beaded Washer Earrings
Super Quick Snowflake Ornament
Christmas Doily
Snowflake Tablemat
Popcorn Pot Scrubber
Checker Stitch Mittens
White On White Ball Ornament
Spiderweb Granny Square
Touch of Sparkle Hair Bow
Stars & Stripes Hacky Sac
Christmas Candle
Apple Pie Sachet
Lemon Slice Bookmark
Fall Flower Fridgie
Lemon Lime Dishcloth
Black Beaded Choker
Spiderweb Suncatcher & Spider
Majestic Pineapple Angel Ornament
Strawberry Ornament
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About the Patterns

I have made a commitment to make sure that all the patterns I design can be completed in an evening or two and that proper guage is not as crucial as it would be if I were to design clothing. I want the patterns I design to be fun, simple and easy enough for beginners to make yet also give a sense of accomplishment to more advanced crocheters.

What you will not find on this site are clothing patterns that would require instructions for various size adjustments. Plus for the most part, clothing patterns cannot be completed in an evening or two so that is another reason you will not find sweaters, baby clothes or anything else that will take more than a couple of evenings to complete with the exception of a few afghans.

What you will find here are granny squares, potholders, ornaments, angels, fridgies, sachets, pincushions, jewelry, coasters, scrunchies, bookmarks, doilies, dishcloths, kids toys, and more!