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Buy from Amazon
Buy from Amazon

Side Stitched Dishcloth

Side Stitched Dishcloth

This pattern is no longer free, you can purchase it for $1.99 by Clicking the Button below.
You can purchase it from Paypal for $1.99.

Or, If you have a points account, you can choose to redeem 100,000 points.
You can look at your point tracker in the upper right corner of this page to see if you have enough points in your points account.

Once you have either purchased it at paypal, with your paypal balance or redeemed points for this pattern, you will be automatically sent back to this page and the pattern with the pdf download link will appear. If you pay at paypal with a credit or debit card and not your paypal balance, you will actually go to a thank you page. Julie will get a notice and she will manually send you your pattern in PDF format.