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PC Chains Coaster

PC Chains Coaster

Designed By Julie A. Bolduc

This coaster is made with plastic canvas but the yarn is crocheted on to the canvas using a method called crocheting on canvas.
Click to download the PDF version.

Materials Needed:
Small amount Luster Sheen in white and pink
Piece of Plastic Canvas 19x18holes. 7mesh size.
Size D aluminum crochet hook
Piece of felt for back optional.
Thin tapestry needle

Yarn Thickness: 2mm
Finished Size: 3"x3¾"
Skill Level: Beginner

Note: This pattern is made with a technique which is used with rug canvas for making surface chained rugs. This is actually a very versatile technique which I have used on other projects such as the beaded bracelet with the gold beads and also the floral bookmark and also the margarine tub bag and the bath bag. This technique will be featured in the School Lesson for January. It will be titled Surface Chaining. But it has been referred to before as Crocheting With Canvas.

First Round: With White: Hold the yarn under the canvas and insert your hook into the bottom right corner hole and draw up a lp. *Insert hook in next hole up the right side and draw up a lp and draw it through the lp on hook. Rep from * up the right side then across the top, down the left side then across the bottom. Be sure to draw up a lp in the hole where you started. Then fasten off and pull the end through the lp and then with a needle, poke it down through the hole and weave the ends into the work on the back.

Second Round: With Pink. Rep as for white but work in the next empty hole which is up 1 and to the left 1 from where you started. See grid. Work around as you did for the white but in this next row of holes.

Third-6th rounds worked in spiral fashion. With white. Work as for first rounds but do not end where you started, instead, when you come to the last unworked hole in your round, turn there as you do any corner and continue until you complete 4 rounds of white. Then fasten off as before and weave your ends in on the back side.

7th-9th rounds: worked in spiral fashion. With Pink. Work as for third through 6th rounds finishing in the center of canvas. Fasten off and weave ends into back of work.

Work a round of blanket or an overcast stitch with a needle and Pink yarn around outside edge working 3 stitches in each corner. Weave ends into back of work.

You may want to stitch the felt to the back side of work as you are stitching the blanket or overcast stitch on at the same time.

Design written on Sunday, January 24, 1999. Copyright ©1999-2007 by Julie A. Bolduc all rights reserved. p108011

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This crochet pattern is for personal use only and is not to be resold.