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Elegant Cluster & Shells Purse

Image of Elegant Cluster & Shells Purse Designed by Julie A. Bolduc

This purse pattern is made with nylon crochet string and is first worked in rows across the bottom then in rounds for the body. It is then lined with nylon rip stop nylon and has a zipper closure. It also has a couple of D rings attached to the crocheted handles
Click here for PDF version

Materials Needed
2 Balls J&P Coats Crochet Nylon in Black
Size G/6 or 4.5mm aluminum crochet hook
Yarn needle 9" black zipper 1/3 yard black rip stop nylon or other lining fabric
Black carpet thread
2-1" D rings
Sewing Machine

Yarn Thickness: 4mm
Gauge: 4dc=1"
Finished Size: 9" x 6"
Skill Level: Advanced

Special Stitches Used: Beginning Cluster: Begcl: Ch2. Yo, insert hook in next st, yo pull up a lp, 2 times, yo, pull through all 3 lps on hook. (You will be working this stitch over 3 stitches of the previous row or round.)

Start in rows then you will be working in rounds. ROW 1: Ch37. Dc in 4th ch from hook and in each ch across. Ch3, turn.(34sts)

ROW 2-5: Sk very first dc. Dc in each dc across. Dc in top of ch3. Ch3, turn. Do not turn at the end of row 5. Now you will work in rounds.

RND 1: Ch1. 2sc in first row and in each of the next 4 rows down the left side. Sc in each of the 34 sts of the starting ch across bottom. 2sc in each of the 5 rows up the right side. Sc in each of the 34 sts across the top. Join w/slst to first sc.

RND 2: Ch3. Working around back lp of each st around for this round only, dc in each st around. Join w/slst to top of ch3.

RND 3: Ch1. Sc in same st as slst. Sc in each st around. Join w/slst to first sc.

RND 4: Ch3, dc in each st around. Join w/slst to top of ch3.

RND 5-8: Repeat RNDs 3 & 4 two times more.

RND 9: Repeat RND 3.

RND 10: Begcl. Ch3. Sk 1 st. *1cl. Ch3. Sk 1 st. Rep from * around. Join w/slst to top of begcl.

RND 11: Ch1. Sc in same st as slst. 3dc in skipped over ch3 sp. *Sc in next cl. 3dc in skpped st over ch3 sp. Rep from * around. Join w/slst to first sc.

RND 12: Slst into the next dc. Begcl. Ch3. Sk next sc. *1cl. Ch3. Sk next sc. Rep from * around. Join w/slst to top of begcl.

RND 13: Rep RND 11.
RND 14: Rep RND 12.
RND 15: Rep RND 11.

RND 16: Ch1. Sc in same st as slst and in each st around. Join w/slst to first sc.

RND 17: Ch3. Dc in each st around. Join w/slst to top of ch3.

RND 18: Rep RND 16.
RND 19: Rep RND 17.
RND 20: Rep RND 16.
RND 21: Rep RND 17.

RND 22: Ch1. Sc in same st as slst. Hold a D ring on front side of work toward you and work the next 5 sc through the ring and stitches at the same time. Sc in each of the next 37 sts. Repeat as for first ring. Sc in each st back to the beg. Join w/slst to first sc. Fasten off and weave ends into back of work.

If you do not have enough string to finish a round, cut it at the end of one round and rejoin at the beginning of the round. It will be easier to make a smooth transition from one end to the other.

Handle: Leave a 12-15" long end for stitching to D ring later on each end.
ROW 1: Ch169. Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across. Ch2, turn.

ROW 2: Begcl. *Ch3. Sk 1 sc. 1cluster. Rep from * across. You will end up with 1 sc un-worked at the end. Ch2. Dc in the last sc. Ch1, turn.

ROW 3: 2dc in last sc of ROW 1 working over ch2 sp. Sc in top of next cluster. *3dc in next skipped sc of row 1 over the ch3 sp. Sc in top of next cluster. Rep from * across. You will end with a sc in top of the last cluster. Dc in very first sc of Row 1. Ch, 1 turn.

ROW 4: Sc in each st across. Fasten off leaving a end about 12-15" long to stitch to D rings.


Step 1: Cut 2 rectangles 10" x 8" of nylon fabric.

Step 2: With your sewing machine, zipper foot and black carpet thread, sew zipper to a 10" side on each of the 2 pieces of fabric. Sew the zipper to the correct or right side of the fabric with the zipper pull facing away from the right side of the fabric. Make sure the teeth and the zipper pull are exposed. You are not making a lapped or hidden zipper.

Step 3: Fold each side of the fabric down along the zippers to have the sipper with the zipper pull at the top. Line up the edges so they are even. With your sewing machine, stitch down each side and across the bottom through both layers. Make sure each side seam starts at the edge of where the teeth end at each end of the zipper. Leave at least a ½" seam allowance. You can fudge here so it fits inside your purse.

Step 4: Snip the bottom corners of the fabric pouch and fold to a point and stitch across this point about 1" from the tip of the point to form a gusset at the bottom of the pouch.

Step 5: Place the pouch inside the purse so the zipper is at the top.
Open the zipper to make the next step easier. With carpet thread, stitch each side of the zipper to the top edge of the purse from one side to the other working each stitch just under the 2 lps of each sc. Add extra stitching at each end to reinforce for strength. I used a running stitch for this step. Knot and weave end into inside of work.

Step 6: Attach handle to D rings by folding over each end after putting it through the ring. Stitch to secure in several places with the long length you kept. Weave in and trim excess close to work. You might want to put a dab of super glue or another strong glue for nylon to the end you trimmed to keep it in place.

Design written on Thursday, July 26, 2007. Copyright ©2007 By Julie A. Bolduc

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This crochet pattern is for personal use only and is not to be resold.