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I have decided to end the Paid Memberships Program and just go with the Points Program. If you are a paid member, you signed up for a lifetime membership and are no longer paying for memberships. I am not really making any money from new memberships so it does not make sense to keep that part of my business going. Instead, membership is going to be point based. I do not plan to change this again. My income will be from sales of Paper Bead Rollers, downloads for people who don't want to be a member, books I publish in the future on Amazon, templates and template bundles, ads on the site and YouTube revenue.

All downloads, that cost points, no matter what level you are at, will now cost 20,000 points each unless otherwise noted on the individual pages. 

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Printable Template

This printable cutting template will make paper bead strips that are 1/8" at the wide end, 00" at the narrow end and 11" long. Designed to make Tube beads.
You can also use this template to make strips for quilling projects!

Free For All

For best results in printing this pdf file and to avoid white margins around the outside edges of your paper, set your printer's margins to zero or none and tell your printer to print border-less.

You may have to fake out your printer and tell it you are printing on either card stock or photo paper to be able to print border-less, but you can still print this template on standard copy paper.

If you don't want to download this template or print it out yourself, perhaps you would like to have all that done for you! You can now purchase a paper back book that has 25 copies of this template and the 8½" long strip template at Amazon!