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Blue Chaotic Dots

Designed By Julie A. Bolduc
Bead Sheet ID: f301420

This bead sheet is part of the Chaotic Dots Colorful Crafting Papers book available at Amazon.com. You can have this one sheet for free. In the book there are 20 different colors of this same sheet of dots and you get 2 copies of each sheet. Imagine beads made with these sheets in a long multicolor necklace or bracelet! It would make a great fun look!

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Brand New! Chaotic Dots Crafting Papers Book!

Printing fancy papers yourself gets expensive and sometimes the colors run when the printed papers get wet. These colorful papers were designed with paper bead making in mind but they can be used for any other craft you can think of that uses colorful paper.

Use these colorful papers for all sorts of crafts including but not limited to making paper beads, decoupage, journaling, paper mosaics, scrapbooking, card making and wrapping small gifts! The possibilities are only limited to your imagination of what these papers can be used for.