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Round Paper Bead Suncatcher

 Use Link below to watch video at YouTube

Designed By Julie A. Bolduc

This dazzling beaded suncatcher is made with necklace sized memory wire, paper and glass beads with a chandelier crystal hanging proudly in the center to catch all of that bright sunlight, casting off colorful rainbows all over your room!

Materials Needed

To make 1

  • Necklace Sized Silver colored Memory Wire, One complete circle.
  • 13 paper beads, 1/2" long. Any diameter*
  • 13 crystal rondels 4x6mm
  • 26 Clear glass E-Beads or size 6/0 seed beads
  • 1 Chandelier Crystal, approx, 1.25" x 2"
  • 3" of 20gauge silver colored craft wire
  • 1 suction cup, 3/4" to 1-1/8" diameter, with a hook, to hang it in your window.

Tools Needed

  • Memory Wire Cutters
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Chain Nose or Crimping Pliers

Finished Size: 4" diameter
Skill Level: Beginner in making items with jewelry making tools.


Get all of your supplies and tools together before you start.

Step 1: Cut a complete circle from your coils of necklace size memory wire using your memory wire cutters. Do not use your regular wire cutters, you may damage them.

Step 2: With a good strong pair of needle nose pliers, make a simple closed loop at one end of your memory wire. Curl it down toward the inside of the circl and make sure to bend back the wire at the start of the loop when done making the loop to straighten how the loop is oriented at the end of the memory wire. The other end will need to be able to hook into this loop sideways later.

Step 3: Start putting on your paper and crystal beads in the pattern that pleases you. You can be as creative here as you want. I did a repeating pattern of glass, paper, glass, beginning and ending with glass beads. I used 12 of the paper beads for this part. The 13th paper bead will be used when hanging the crystal in the center.

Step 4: Close the memory wire hoop by bending the straight end sidways and make a hook that will hook into the starting loop. Hook them together and with either chain nose or crimping pliers, squeeze the hook closed to lock in the closed loop into the hook.

Step 5: Cut a 3" piece of 20 gauge craft wire. With your needle nose pliers, make a small simple loop at one end.

Step 6: The chandelier crystals I have actually have 3 parts to them. The large crystal and 2 smaller crystals. I took the smaller crystals off leaving the round ring on the large crystal. Attached the simple loop of your 20gauge wire to this round ring. If your crystal does not have a round ring. You will need to make one with the 20 gauge wire and attached it to your crystal before attaching the prepared 3" of wire.

Step 6: Place a paper bead on your 20gauge wire making sure to cover the end of your wire loop to help secure it in the bead.

Step 7: Push the other end of the 20gauge wire up through the sideways loop of the memory wire and bend it slightly about an 1/8th inch from the top of the memory wire..

Step 8: Form a wrapped loop to make a hanger for your suncatcher.

Step 9: Place a suction cup in the place you want to hang your suncatcher and hang the suncatcher with the wrapped loop you just made on the suction cup hook! duh

If you have any trouble understanding these instructions, you can always watch the video that was made to go with this project.

NOTE: This project is about how to make the Suncatcher and not how to make paper beads. You can substitute regular decorative beads for the paper beads if you like. I happen to have thousands of paper beads already in my stash and this site is all about making paper beads and making items with paper beads. Also to make beads for this project, I used cardstock strips that were 8-1/2" long, 1/2" at the wide end and 1/16" at the narrow end. I also make sure to use beads that were made with my 5/64" paper bead roller. If you don't know how to make paper beads, I have a few video tutorials and tools you can watch and use to learn how to make them.

Design written on Thursday, October 13, 2016. Copyright ©2016 By Julie A. Bolduc f206010

This free paper beaded pattern is for personal use only and is not to be resold.