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The Bead Crafter

The Bead Crafter

This paper bead roller is no longer available but it is the very first tool I had to roll paper beads. I ordered it from a copy of the magazine "Crafts" back in 1996. This is where my addiction to making paper beads started! I actually still have this crank style tool along with the booklet that came with it!

After about 10 years of using it, the 1/16" winding pin came out of the crank handle so I decided to design my own and what is where my handmade crank style paper bead roller came into being!

Crank Style Bead Roller

The Paper Bead Machine

I used to offer the instructions on how to make this but since offering the hand held paper bead rollers, I decided to remove them from the site. Basically what it was, it had a wooden base with 2 3" angle brackets screwed to it facing each other about 2½" apart. I used a couple of cotter pins to make the winding pins in 3 different thicknesses. I sold a kit and instructions which included the special paper beads I made to make the winding pin handles with. I did not sell enough of them to make offering them worth while.