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Various Beads Made With Copy Paper

Here are just a few samples of what I have done. Right now, for the most part, I use, a very bright white copy paper for the majority of my paper beads. This is the paper that my "Paper Bead Generator" is meant for. According to the package of copy paper I have, it is 20lb Multipurpose bright white paper with a brightness of 92.

My Secret for Printouts that Don't Run!

I use Hammermil Bright white copy paper with a brightness of 92. It has ColorLoc technology in it so the colors are not supposed to run. I also print out the sheets at the 72ppi that you see on browser screens. Sometimes I print out at 96ppi which also works fine. I try not to print out at a higher resolution because it is not really needed and the extra ink can run.


Various Copy Paper Beads

These beads are all made with copy paper. Some are made with colored copy paper while other are white copy paper with designs printed on them. The fat beads in the picture are 2 different colors of copy paper layered together and then rolled up.