Angel Fridgie/Ornament

Angel Fridgie

Designed By Julie A. Bolduc

 This angel is about 5" high by 3" wide and is just the right size for a large magnet or large ornament. You could make two of these as a front and a back then stitch them together back sides facing each other and keep the bottom open to make a tree top angel.

Materials Needed
Piece of 7mesh plastic canvas. 21x35 holes.
Scraps of Red Heart Worsted weight yarn in the following Colors.
Aran, brown, white.
1 hank silver metallic cord by Needleloft
1 large eye yarn needle

Finished Size 3"x5"
Skill Level Beginner

Stitch Chart for Angel Fridgie Instructions

STEP 1: Following Chart, cut out the shape of the angel.

STEP 2: Follow the chart to work each section in the following order. The face, hair, wings, body, halo.

STEP 3: Then work an over cast stitch on the outer edges using the same colors of yarn as you did for each section. Use the tiny loop at the top to use as an ornament. To use as a fridgie, cut off the loop and glue magnets to the back.

Designed on May 23, 2005 Copyright © 2005 by Julie A. Bolduc f126002