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Daily Update

I know I haven't really added anything new for quite a while. I have been busy making paper bead roller inventory and taking care of quilting fabric, I recently bought from a dear friend's family, that she left behind, after she passed away a couple of years ago. So far I have documented and folded over 1100 yards. Yes, over one thousand! I am planning to add a quilting section to the site. Not sure if any of you know this, but I have known how to make quilts since the late 1970's. I just haven't done it since 1997 until 2018.

I have decided to shorten the daily update a little bit and will make an attempt to add other featured stuff, as well as the daily crochet pattern and bead sheet, from the site every few days and perhaps thoughts for the day, little tidbits of what is taking up my time so you will know why I haven't been adding brand new stuff to the site in a while.

Quilt Fabric Acquisition

Quilt Fabric Aquisition

On June 19, 2021, my husband and I went to a local yard sale, of a friend's family. My dear friend Sharon, passed away a couple of years ago and left behind her fabric stash along with craft room contents. She left behind over 30 large totes of quilting cotton. I bought 11 of them for $219.00. Starting in early July, I started to sort them out. I took a photo, folded and documented each piece into a database on my computer and put them into my sewing room. I have been working on it a little bit every single day since the first week of July and I am not done yet. So far I have documented over 1100 yards of fabric, including some that I already had before I bought the large stash. I have been taking pictures of my progress along the way and I plan to add a page about the process in the near future.

Featured Pattern

Today's Featured Pattern

This pattern is Free on September 9th only!

This cute little angel would also make a great package topper for a Christmas Gift!

Pineapple Guardian Angel

Featured Bead Sheet

Today's Featured Bead Sheet

This bead sheet is Always free.

Beads made from this bead sheet can be used for either Christmas, St Patrick's Day or summer designs! Combine the beads with black, white or green glass round beads for a very striking effect.

Dark Green Filigree

Flag Stitch

Flag Stitch

Check out the flag stitch. I do use this stitch in a few of the patterns on the site.

Read all about it here!

Bead Drying Blocks

If you brush your glaze on and you need a handy way of drying your beads, I have a page on how to make bead drying blocks. Check out the article on what I used to use for drying my beads before I started to dip mine on a fishing line.

Bead Drying Blocks

This Week's Tip

Test Your Gauge

When testing your gauge on your yarns, make a swatch that is 4"x4" with a different color but the same brand of yarn. So when you are done making the swatch, and you have the correct gauge, you can put a row of sc around the outer edge and what you will have is a coaster. Then use the same brand yarn and same hook and make your project.

Phrase of the Day

Crafting is Fun

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