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Reduced rate for Paper Bead Crafts Paper Bead Coloring Books!

Paper Bead Coloring Books!
More books to come soon! Individual Template Sizes, 25 copies each of horizontal and Vertical Paper Bead Templates in Paper Back Book form. These will be only templates, no coloring pages.



Featured Pattern

Today's Featured Pattern

This pattern is Free on June 8, 2021 only!

Pearl Beaded Headband

New Paper Bead Template Books

Paper Bead Template Book

I have recently published 52 paper bead template books that you can use to make it easier to cut your pretty papers into strips. All of them are available for purchase at Amazon.com. To find out more, click on the link below!

Check out the Books Here

Featured Bead Sheet

Today's Featured Bead Sheet

This bead sheet is Not free.

Icy Blue Bricks

New Crafting Papers Book!

The Stratton Collection Crafting Papers

Chaotic Dots Crafting Papers

Find Out More at Amazon.com!

This book of papers contain 2 copies each of 20 of the bead sheets on this site! You don't have to print them yourself!

It's Back! The Applique Beads Tutorial!

Do you remember this? It hasn't been on the site for a while!

Learn how you can make applique paper beads that look like ceramic or porcelain beads that have flowers and other designs painted on them after the bead is made.

Applique Paper Beads

Latest Video at YouTube

The Latest Video at YouTube

Click Here To Watch Video

Laminated Cutting Guides! Learn about the brand new paper bead templates! These templates are designed for use with Guillotine cutters! They are laminated so they will last a very long time and you tape them down to the bed of the cutter and you lay your paper on top of them and move the paper down the template as you cut each strip.

Tuesday's Tip

Sewn CD Trivets

You can make great trivets by using old CD's and heavy fabric. Make 2 circles of heavy fabric & 2circles of terry towel fabric 1" bigger in diameter than the CD.Then layer the pieces in the following way. Heavy fabric, right side down, terry towel, CD, terry towel, heavy fabric right side up. Hand baste the layers together 3/8" away from the edges being carful not to hit the CD. Then on your sewing machine, work a zigzag around the edges to lock in the frayed edges. Then you can use a decorative crochet thread or yarn and a hand needle to work a blanket stitch around the edge. Then if you wanted to, you can work a row of crochet stitches around on the blanket stitches.

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