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JPFun Newsletter

Monday, April 15, 2019 is now a Secure Site!
You can rest assured your information is safe and secure here!

Scavenger Hunt

Get 1000 points and 1 raffle entry, when you find the Scavenger Hunt Item!
Scavenger Hunt item

The item for Monday, April 15, 2019 is below.
Item: You are hunting for the "Decorative Easter Egg Holder".
Clue: You will find it in the Granny Square patterns!
Don't forget to check the download pages only.
It will not be on any of the actual pattern pages.

Today’s Featured Pattern!

Today’s Featured Pattern!

"Summer Breeze Doily"

This medium sized doily is just perfect for adding a pretty accent to a wedding table. It would look great as part of a centerpiece.

1000 Point Tracker

You will find today’s 1000 point tracker in the

Afghan Patterns

Paw Print Tracker

Today’s Word is:

Points based on Scrabble Points x 10!

JPFun Bingo Game

Current Game "Capital Z"

Today’s Numbers:
N42, O64, I19

Previous Game: -- "Capital V" -- 1 Verified Winner

Nancy Hale: 50,000 points - rewarded

The bingo prize is 50,000 points no matter what. You can redeem 100,000 points per pattern that is not free on the site.

Please send me an email with your mailing address in it to verify your mailing address!

One Card Per Person Please!
Make sure, to use the same username for your Bingo Card as you do for your points account!
Please Read Terms and Conditions When You Register

Weekly Raffle

Congratulations to Our Winners!

April 14, 2019
Helen Chatterton - 50,000 points - rewarded
April 7, 2019
Judi Merrow - 50,000 points - rewarded
March 31, 2019
Karon Cramer - 50,000 points - rewarded
March 24, 2019
Ariella Cohen - 50,000 points - rewarded

About the Weekly Raffle Prize

You can redeem 100,000 points per pattern that is not free on the site.

On Sundays, I will pick a weekly raffle winner! You cannot win more than once in a 30 day period. The 50,000 points will be added to your account before you get your email notice of your win.

1 Million Point Prize!

This Program Has Ended

You can redeem points for the patterns that are not free for 100,000 points per pattern. Any prize packs that have been requested, that has not been sent out yet, will not be sent out. I have not deducted points for the packs that have not been sent out. I just don't have time to put the prize packs together.

Latest Updated Pattern

Pony Bead Bag

Pony Bead Bag

Originally designed on June 12, 2006, the Pony Bead Bag is the latest pattern I have updated! What I did to it was, The photo I had on my computer was good enough so I just was able to change the background to white and update the pdf file that goes with it!

The Latest Video

I have added a new video to my YouTube Channel!

How to Make Fabric Covered Buttons

Yes I know how to sew! I am going to start adding sewing and quilting related stuff to in the near future including videos I add to my YouTube Channel.

Paper Bead Templates

I have uploaded over 200 paper bead cutting templates to the site and have plans to add more!

Instant Download After Purchase!

There are machine and printable cutting templates available for $1.95 each.

Check it Out Here

Daily Bead Sheet

A new free bead sheet is added to the Free Area of the Paper Bead Crafts Web site every Wednesday!

Tiled Lotus Flower

Tiled Lotus Flower
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