Scavenger Hunt

Today's Scavenger Hunt Item
The item for Monday, November 18, 2019 is below.
Item: You are hunting for "Pumpkins With Leaves".
Clue: You will find it in the Bookmark patterns!

The daily scavenger hunt item can only be found for one day.
I no longer keep them available to find for the whole month.

The instant prize could be either a discount or a download of something that is free for today only.

Work Update

Over the next few weeks, while I prepare for the upcoming holiday season, I will be still publishing the daily newsletter but I will not be uploading as many old files as I have been doing since I launched the new site. You can still expect the daily featured pattern, daily featured bead sheet and scavenger hunt item. I will continue to upload old files as time permits. I have other extra responsibilities I have to tend to which will take up much of my time. I assure you, a few patterns and other files will be uploaded each day but I have to limit how much time I can do this for awhile.

Featured Pattern

Soccer Ball

This great soccer ball is regulation size and I designed it based on a plush soccer ball my daughter had. I did not have any black yarn so I used the pretty amethyst color you see here. Even my husband likes it!! This would make a great Christmas gift for any kid!

Soccer Ball

When you get to the current featured Pattern, if the pattern is already free, you will be able to see the whole pattern and download the PDF file. If the pattern is for paid members, you will no longer be able to see the whole pattern or download the PDF file without either purchasing it or by becoming a member. The featured pattern is now just a way for me to remind you about patterns available on the site.  

A Page is Back!

PVC Paper Bead Drying Rack

PVC Drying Rack

It's Back! Paper Bead Project

Carousel Drying Rack

Featured Bead Sheet

Today's Featured Bead Sheet

Black Eyed Susans

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Tuesday's Tips

  • Artificial Evergreen Decorations
    If you have an old fake Christmas tree you want to get rid of. Don't throw it away, use it to make other Christmas decorations from the branches. They would make great wreaths, garland, swags and other decorations made with boughs.
  • Keep Holiday Lights Safe
    When packing away holiday lights, put them into empty tubes from gift wrap cut into the same size length as you need to make them fit into a box you will use to store the lights in, then carefully wind up the lights as you would an extension cord and put them inside the tube to protect them. They fit nicely inside the box this way and they should be in good working condition when you take them out next year.
  • Stiffening Doilies
    To lightly stiffen doilies, use a hot iron for cotton thread and a slightly damp cloth and first iron the doily then spray lightly with spray starch.  Cover the doily with the cloth when ironing after spraying with starch so the iron will not stick to doily.
  • Stuffing From Leftovers
    Put little bits of yarn from a project into a plastic zipper bag to use for stuffing pincushions.
  • Recycle Food Boxes!
    Recycle boxes that food comes in such as cereal and crackers. Use them to wrap your hand made gifts in. If you want to, you can even paint them and make them look attractive. I do this every year and it makes for good conversation. Plus when they are decorated, they can be reused more than once. Most cereal boxes are just the right size for hats and mittens.

Word of the Day

mot juste

mot juste
noun moh-ZHEWST
: the exactly right word or phrasing