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Welcome to Just Plain Fun!

Yes you read that right, Just Plain Fun. This is the new home of the JPF Crochet Club and Paper Bead Crafts!

You have reached this page because you used an outdated link on a page that either you have bookmarked or is still in your computer's web page cache. You might want to refresh your browser and update your bookmarks.


A few things may have changed since your last visit.

  • The old points program has ended. A new one has taken it's place sometime as of May 15, June 2020.
  • The JPF Crochet Club and Paper Bead Crafts.com have combined into one web site called Just Plain Fun, it is still reachable at www.jpfun.com.
  • The weekly raffle has ended and will not come back.
  • The bingo games have ended and will not come back unless I can figure out how to make it work on this new system I am using for this website.
  • The Newsletter has changed dramatically. The new pages started on October 7, 2019 so anything before that date is gone forever.
  • The puzzles that were part of the old newsletter pages from years ago will be coming back in an area all their own. Just use the search box to look for them and they are in the JPF Crochet Club drop down menu above.
  • From now on, the daily scavenger hunt prize is a free pattern and 1000 points for Registered Points Account users and above only.
  • All of the crochet patterns and bead sheets are back. To find them, you can use the search box in the upper right corner on any page.
  • Oh yeah, I have brought back paid memberships.  Click on the Membership button in the navigation bar for more details.

Last Updated on July 16, 2020