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Seed Bead NecklaceDesigned By Julie A. Bolduc

This dainty beaded necklace is made with size 20 Cebelia crochet cotton by DMC. It is a series of ch stitches and sets of 3 seed beads. It can be made as long as desired by adding more beads and chs.

Materials Needed:
Assorted Seed beads. 12 for every inch of length of necklace plus 12 more for insurance.
Size 20 pink Cebelia Mercersized Crochet cotton by DMC.
Size 11 Steel crochet hook
Beading wire.
Fine tapestry needle.
Clasp The kind that does not have a split in the ring.
Such as a fish hook box clasp in oval shape. I believe I have seen some in Wal-Mart.

Thread Thickness: 20thread
Gauge: 4 sets of 3 beads& 10 chs=1"
Finished Size: Desired length
Skill Level: Easy

String the Beads
First of all, Put the beads onto the thread. Use the beading wire. Fold the beading wire in half and twist the ends together. Leave a small loop big enough to put the thread through where the bend in the wire is. Put the thread through the loop and twist to close. String on as many seed beads needed. About 12 for every inch of length of necklace desired. Add more for added insurance. The sample is choker length.

Ch 3, pull up 3 beads and secure with a ch. Ch 3 more add 3 more beads. Continue in this way until the necklace is the length you want. Fasten off.

Tie one end onto clasp and pull the thread through the ring 3 times. Then weave the end into the necklace and make a tiny knot about 1 ½" away from the clasp and secure knot with jewelry glue. Repeat with other end. Try not to twist the chain.

Design written on August 3 1998. Copyright © 1998 By Julie A. Bolduc f107005

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