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Julie's Craft Room Storage Area

Click Here to See Old Pictures of this Area

Image of Storage Corner Area.

In the picture to the left, on the right side, you can see my little step stool for reaching the top shelves and you can see the white closet organizer shelf. Just to the right of that is my new Shipping Station.

In this picture to the left, you can see the old Mahogany Bench that I have had in my craft room since the beginning. It does look a bit different. I no longer have the word processor that was there and I no longer use it as a work bench. It is now a place where I take photos of items that are too big to fit into my little photo box. Yes I have to remove the items from the bench but that is no big deal. My photo lights are kept on this bench since there is no better place to keep them.

The drawer bins below the bench are on wheels so I can easily pull them out to clean around them. I store yarns and threads in these bins for the most part.

In the picture to the left, you can see another view of my storage corner area. I kept the chair in the picture so you can have a better sense of the size of the area I have. It is a fairly large area. It is 12 feet from the far corner where the pillow is to the opposite corner under the TV which is in another picture on another page. The wooden bench in the picture is almost 8 feet long.

The books that were above this bench have been moved to above the white shelfs on the right wall near the pillow.

Image of Yarn Storage and White Shelves

The shelves were installed in the summer of 2012 just before I decided to leave my job at the ski resort. Besides yarn, I keep my laminator, cone yarn, polymer clay supplies, some tools and other supplies I use frequently.

In the picture to the left, is the wall where I used to have a brown bureau. I needed more storage space and the drawers in the bureau were just not cutting it. So my husband and I built these shelves from 3 book cases that were given to us by a friend of ours. We cut them to size, sanded them and then painted them white. I think they look great with the yarn on the center shelves. It is amazing how much stuff will fit here instead of the old bureau.

The shelf just above the white shelves is where I am storing a number of my books and magazines. These were above the Mahogany bench to the left. The books and magazines are really heavy and since we put these shelves here, the shelf above can take the weight of the books and magazines better.

Closer view of Mahogany Bench

The picture on the left is a closer view of my Mahogany Bench area.

I keep a pretty bouquet of silk flowers on the end of the bench just to dress up the room a bit.

The red thing sitting on it is where I keep paper strips that are ready to make into paper beads. Each container is 14" long. The little black box on top also has shorter paper strips in it. Those strips are about 8�" long.

I also keep my video camera mount for doing my videos. I do my videos in my office but this is the contraption I use to mount the camera over my hands. I had no other place to store it so here it sits.

The white things under the camera mount are paper bead rollers that are ready for finishing into the designer type paper bead rollers I make. They have a coat of white primer on them.

If you look carefully, I have some wall hangings. In the upper left corner I have a plain white clock, then a wooden placque someone gave me, a tapestry or something of a unicorn I got from my sister in law, a silver etched picture of a unicorn I got from my dad as a gift and then the pink wall hanging is a framed print of a pink lily. I think that also came from my sister in law.

Yes I like unicorns!

Image of Inner Corner of Craft Room Storage area

In the picture to the left, is the inner most corner of the Storage area of my craft room. This is where I store my broom, dust pan, Bag holder, totebags and other stuff that needs to hang that will not fit on the pegboard.

You can also see the stacked white closet organizers and the 2 over the shower organizers I am using for glues and adhesives.

This is where I also hang my metal yardstick.

Image of Hanging wall on inner corner of Storage Area of Craft Room

The image on the left gives you a closer look at that Inner Most corner of the storgage area. On the top shelf I keep a plastic bin full of polyester fiberfill. I am no longer keeping it in the 5 gallon bucket I had. The lid was broken and the bucket was just ugly so I gave it to my husband.

I also have some canvase tote bags that I had planned to give as prizes but they did not all come out that great so I am hanging on to them and will use them as shopping bags or cover the problem on them and give them as gifts.

Click Here to See Old Pictures of this Area

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