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Buy from Amazon

Craft Room Shipping Station

Click here To see the before Pictures!

These pictures were taken on June 5, 2013. My husband and I just finished working on the Craft room expansion which took about 6 weeks to do. It would have taken less time but we needed to order the cabinets, counter top and a few other things. The counter top took a month to arrive!

Craftroom Shipping Station and Door

In this image you can see my white base cabinets with the blue Counter Top. Above it are custom made shelves that were made to match the rest of the craft room. As you can see in the picture, the shelves above the work bench is where I store my padded envelopes used for sending out the raffle and bingo prizes as well as orders I get through paypal and Amazon.

The Counter top is called Blue Canvas made by Formica. It had to be special ordered because that is what I had made my main work bench counter top with back in 2007.

The white shelves in the picture are those Closet organizer storage shelves you can get at Wal-Mart. There are 2 stacked together here. I am keeping odds and ends of stuff I need in my craft room here. The things hanging on the left side of the shelves are 2 over-the-shower organizers I am using to store glues and adhesives.

The White Base cabinets are ready to assemble cabinets by Heartland Cabinetry available through the Home Depot web site. You can read my review about these cabinets at the Home Depot Web site!

I am not an affiliate of the Home Depot, I just bought my cabinets through their web site and wrote a review.

Image of Shipping Station and Shelves

This image shows the Shipping Station Head On as I am standing in the Sewing Corner. You can just see the new white shelves on the left. The shelves are 35" wide and 8" deep. There are 10 in all. I bought the materials for these shelves at the Home Depot, not from the site but the actual store. The nearest Home Depot store to me is an hour and a half away so it is a trip!

You can also see my new curtains on the door!

Image of Craft Room Door with new curtains.

Here is a better view of the white shelves. You can actually see them going from the floor to the ceiling. The yellow and blue bins on the bottom were bought at the Dollar Tree. The Pink and Purple shoebox type containers were in the clearance isle at Wal-Mart and the blue plastic bins were also from the Dollar Tree. The blue marble boxes I made from corregated cardboard. I figured after making 2 of them, I should try to find some baskets and bins at the Dollar Tree to save time. Each box took me about 2 hours to make! The very top shelf has square plastic coffee containers. We do not drink a lot of that brand of coffee so for now I only have 3 of that size container. I plan to keep drinking that brand of coffee until I fill the top shelf with the containers. The other 2 shelves just have a mismatch bunch of baskets and bins that I had kicking around the house.

As you can see in the bottom right corner of this picture, this is where I keep my guillotine cutter. It is actually the same exact spot in the room I kept it before this big change!

Image of New Craft Room Curtains

The curtains were fun to make. They took about 3 yards of fabric and the edging is filet crochet. The tie backs are made with paper beads and pearls done in 3 strands each. I am using cup hooks to hold the tie backs as well as the curtain Rod. I made the curtain rod out of a � dowel, painted white, two 2 inch machine screws and 2 large paper beads made with the same paper that I used for the switchplate and outlet covers.

Image of Pegboard

The Pegboard in this picture is where I am going to keep anything that hangs that I need for shipping and packing purposes. I use the rotary cutter to cut bubble wrap.

The dark blue item, in the photo, is my 35lb capacity scale for weighing packages I send out. I really like this scale more than the one I had been using. It locks the weight so if I weight a large item, I can take the item off and the weight is still on the screen! A pretty cool feature my old scale did not have.

Image of Outlet Cover
Outlet Cover
Image of Switchplate Cover
Switch Plate Cover

The Switchplate and Outlet Covers are plain white covers with handmade stickers on them. I scanned the fabric from the curtains into my computer and printed it out onto a sheet of sticker paper, the kind used for half sheet mailing labels. I then used a self stick laminating sheet on the decorative side to give it a glossy finish. I then measured how big I needed the rectangles to be and cut them out one at a time. I put the stickers onto the covers and with an exacto knife, carefully cut out the holes.

Beaded Tiebacks

The larger beads in the tiebacks are made with paper. The tube type paper beads are also made with the same paper as I used for the switchplate and outlet covers. The other paper beads are made with a coordinating scrapbook paper I had. I combined them with 2 different sizes of faux pearls. I strung them on beading wire and I am using plastic cabone rings to keep the 3 strands together.

Image of Curtain Rod End
Curtain Rod & Bead

The single Bead on the curtain rod is made with 1 sheet of paper. I used the same scan of the fabric that I used for the drawer pull and the outlets and switchplate. I printed the scan onto the back side of a recycled sheet of bright white copy paper. This is the same copy paper I use for my paper beads. I gave each large bead one coat of Judikins Diamond Glaze.

Curtain Valance with Filet Crochet Edging

This is a close up view of the filet crochet edging on the curtains. In the near future this will be a free pattern on the site but for now I have just the pictures. I do plan to actually write out the pattern along with providing a graph. Basically the way the pattern is made, you measure the length you need, and crochet the edging until it is long enough. I used size 10 crochet cotton to make it and I figure I have about 14-16 hours of work in both strips of edging.

Drawer Pull

The drawer pulls are also hand made. I used the same paper I used for the switchplate and outlet covers to cover a 4" long piece of ½" wooden dowel. First I painted the dowels with white primer, then I covered each one with the same sticker paper I used for the outlet covers and switch plates. I then dipped them 4 times into Liquid Laminate to coat them. The ends are ¼" diameter punches of the paper I stuck on the ends before dipping them. When they were dry, I had my husband drill a hole at each end ½" in from the end. I used 9/64" stove bolts with nuts to secure them to the drawer fronts. It was getting late at night when I finished these otherwise I may have drilled the holes myself.

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