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Craft Room Sewing Corner

Sewing Corner before Picture

Sewing Corner Before

New Image of Sewing Corner

Sewing Corner After

Since this page does not have very many pictures, I will left the old picture up and just add the new ones.

As you can see with the new picture on the right, my work bench now has a blue countertop which is different from before. I put that counter top on the bench back in 2007. It is exactly the same counter top that I bought this year for my Shipping Station. I have also added a small pegboard, a sewing machine and the storage organizer to this corner. I used to have the storage organizer in my old beading area. Now I use it to store notions I use in my sewing projects.

Sewing Corner Updated June 5, 2013

Closer View of Sewing Corner

If you look very carefully on the upper left picture, you will see a white file cabinet, on the right picture, it is gone but on the wall is a large white square. The large white square is a ceramic wall heater! It heats up my whole room! It is called an econo heater and I bought it online a few years ago. It runs only 490 watts of power and costs about $30.00 per month to run.

I moved my sewing books I had above the sewing table into my office and put my cleaning supplies in their place. I also keep my bottles of water there as well. I don't have a sink in my craft room so I keep a spray bottle and a squeeze soap bottle of water in my craft room for when I need water and don't want to run up stairs for just a little bit.

One more little change to note. Check out the wooden brackets in the old picture under the upper shelves, then look at the new one! There are now metal brackets! They no longer get in my way!

Sewing Corner Information 2004.

This is the area where I will be sewing. I do have a sewing machine but it is broken. I can't fix it so I will have to get another one in the future. Not sure when but when I do, this is where it will sit. I used to sew every day and have made many articles of clothing but my favorite thing to sew are small craft items.

As for storage in this area, I have a small box of flat all occasion gift wrap on the top shelf and some carboard boxes I plan to switch out for plastic bins like I have on the top shelves in the next 2 pictures. I didn't have enough cash with me to get all of the boxes at one time.

You can see the corner of my 7'6" long work table on the right side of the picture. Above it is a peg board which I have started to fill with stuff I want to hang.

The white cabinet to the left of the work table is a top opening file cabinet my sister painted in 1980 when we were living in MA. She let me have it when she went to college. I use it to store pattern pages in folders I got from old magazines I no longer wanted to keep.

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