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Julie's Home Office

Image of Office from Craft Room Door

Straight ahead you can see the stacking shelves like I have in the craft room. This is where some books are being kept along with beading supplies, paper for my printer, note books for writing ideas and my patterns in. I also keep stuff in these shelves that do not have anywhere else to live!

This is the view of my office from the door of my craft room. To the left you can see the white file cabinet that used to be in my craft room. I moved it here since it is a file cabinet. I am keeping all sorts of papers that I use for paper beads in it. I also have a door on the bottom of it that I use to keep various craft supplies in.

The machine you see sitting next to it is my CD printer sitting on a black desk. I use the CD printer to print the JPF Crochet Club 600 Pattern CD.

I also have a laptop computer on that desk that I use with that printer. It is also the computer I use when I am on the road so I can send out the daily newsletter where ever I am.

Image of Office Desk with shelves

This is just another view of almost my whole office. You can see the white table next to my main desk. My main desk is on the right in this picture.

This is where I do just about all of my computer work, where I sit each morning writing the daily newsletter and taking care of everyday business.

This is also where my videos were taken. Now that I have a white table next to my desk, the videos will be shot on the white table.

Image of Desk and Bead Area

The photo on the left is a straight on view of my main desk and printer.

The storage cabinets on the right is one of those little drawer storage units. I also have to racks of those 17 compartment floss containers filled with beads. The racks I keep them in I made. One is made with cardboard, tape and contact paper and the other one is made with plastic canvas. I made the one with plastic canvas first. I did have to put balsa wood support inside the sides and on the back side for support. Without the support, even with the stiff plastic canvas I used, the rack would not be able to hold my containers of beads.

The one that I made with cardboard, contact paper and tape is holding up very well and I may replace the plastic canvas one with a cardboard rack.

The blue counter top is a left over piece of the same counter top that was made for my shipping station. It is almost a perfect fit! Just an inch too short for the space it is in but you can barely tell.

Image of Desk and Shelves

This photo is a better view of my white table next to my desk. The way it was before was just a separate computer desk with a rack on the back side. It also had wheels on the bottom. My husband and I took the wheels and the rack off, added a little lift on the top and placed a 2foot by 4 foot piece of white melamine on top to make my table. You cannot see it in this picture, but the little lift we added to the top of the table base made it possible for me to store my bead design boards there while I have a project in progress. It is a perfect fit. We also made a drawer with the pieces of the rack we took off the top. The drawer was made using the pull out keyboard tray on this old student desk. The shelf below, of the white table is where I keep my paper recycle bin and trash can.

If you look carefully just to the left of my computer monitor, you can see a white box with a hole on the front. That is a photo light box I made using foam core board and 2 clamp style lamps. This is what I will be using to take pictures of jewelry and beads as I make them for sale in the future. The photo light box helps me to get a white background in my photos.

Image of Desk and Shelves

In Case you didn't notice, there are cats all over this office! On my desk, on the top of the shelves and there are even a couple on the shelves in front of some books. I do not allow my real cats in my office or craft room so I have my other cat collection in here. I do not know how many cats are in my collection. I have never counted them.

This is just another view of my desk but this time I want to focus on the white and brown shelves in the photo. The white shelves are those closetmaid closet organizers. There are a total of 8 of them. 2 stacked together and all of them are screwed to each other to make them a solid set of shelves. Very handy and easy to put together.

The brown shelves is just one of those book shelves you can get at Wal-Mart. Not that all expensive. I keep my computer and craft books on these shelves.

If you look closely, you can see photos of my kids on the top of my desk on the right side of the photo. They are all grown now and on their own.

Image of Desk

This is another view of my office, this is what I see as I enter the office every morning from my door in the corner.

They way I heat this room is I use one of those oil filled electric space heaters. It works very well. Most days in the winter I can set the thermostat to 69 degrees Farenheit and it reaches about 72.

On the far wall in the corner, I have a wall hanging of a Mother unicorn and her baby. I got that wall hanging in 1986 as a mother's day gift from my husband. At that time I had just 2 boys, an 21month old and a 9 month old. I still love unicorns so it is in my office!

Image of Office White Door Corner

This is the view of my main office door, this is at the bottom of our basement stairs.

There is a dry erase and cork board on this wall. This is where I put my list of future crochet projects I plan to do and as I get them done, I wipe them off. The cork board I just use for other odds and ends. I have a photo of my 3 kids all grown up on the cork board.

Image of large Unicorn Wall Hanging & Ironing board

This final photo of my office is the view of my corner by the craft room door. There is a door next to the large unicorn wall hanging. That door is my under the stairs closet which is my next organizing project on our list. I am not going to show you that right now. I cannot even walk into it there is so much stuff packed inside. I can tell you it has boxes of the crocheted items I made for the site as well as more beads, christmas gift wrap and the stuff I used at this last fall's Christmas craft fairs I went to. Perhaps I will take before and after pictures of the closet project and add them to the craft room section of my site!

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