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My Main Work Area

This page is the New Updated Craft Room as of June 2013

Image of Main Work area Bench.

This is the main area of my craft room where I make most of my stuff that is not jewelry or crochet related. The Blue counter top was installed in August of 2007. It is much deeper than the old top I had on the bench. The old top is still there, it has just been covered up. As you can see in the picture, I have a vise at the end of the counter. I use that to hold my electric rotary tool for deburring the ends of the winding pins for the paper bead rollers I make and sell on my Paper Bead Crafts web site.

On the very top shelf, I have storage bins that I had back in 2004 but now they have new labels on them letting me know where my stuff is! Plus I have changed some of the craft supplies I have stored in them since the old pictures were taken.

You can see my little 13" tv in the corner up on the shelf. Yes it is a different TV than was there before. The other one died one day. Thank goodness the price of this type of TV has dropped dramatically! It was not at all expensive.

Image of TV Corner

This is another view of my main work bench area. As you can see, it is pretty organized and I know pretty much where everything is.

I have started to put labels on everything that I feel needs it. I bought a new label printer which makes the process much easier. I can actually use my iPhone to print my labels from if I want to.

The tall black skinny thing in the pictures is my 300watt halogen office Lamp. I use this when I need more light right over my work bench. It does a great job to light up what I am working on.

Image of new large Pegboard

I have decided to change my pegboard. I needed a larger one since I have more stuff that I hang. As you can see, I do have room to add more stuff as well. On the old one I had drawn shapes around the items being stored there but I decided I no longer wanted that look. This looks much cleaner and more organized. I still think it is a great idea to put the shapes around your items especially if you are not the only one using the peg board. I am the only one using the pegboard so I felt the drawn shapes was not needed.

Image of Organizers

In the corner, on top of the bench, I am using two 12" x 12" paper storage drawers to store some of the paper I use for my paper beads and other paper related projects.

I also have 2 plastic organizer things that I use for various small items I use frequently. I also keep glue sticks, the drill bits, screwdriver bits, empty tape cores, a couple of decorative punches, the special paper I use for the designer paper bead rollers I make.

Image of New Paper Towel Holder

The picture on the Left is the end of my work bench. I used to have a wooden paper towel holder that I had made in 8th grade. I took that out because it was not really that easy to use and I really no longer liked the way it looks in my craft room. My husband is using the old wooden paper towel holder in his workshop so it is still being used. I had this white paper towel holder kicking around my house so I cleaned it up and installed it where the wooden one was. It is much easier to use and looks cleaner and better.

In the picture to the right, you are looking at the top of my main work bench. The counter top color is called Denim Canvas, which is the same exact counter top as I am using for the Shipping Station counter top.

I have some pencil cups lined up under my pegboard. 4 of them are the ones that I made with Crystal Light Containers and are covered with crochet. See I do use what I make! The other 3 are empty diced tomatoe cans covered with old wall paper I have.

The wooden gold thing you see next to the pencil cups is a wooden box with short pieces of CPVC pipe. I use this when I make paper bead rollers for drying the ends when I seal the ends with glaze. If you look carefully, you will see a bead roller sticking out at one end. The box was spray painted gold when I was using this to spray paint PVC pipe for some jewelry displays I made for Christmas craft fairs in November 2012.

I actually use 2 cutting mats on this work bench. I have a purple one on top of a green one. The green one is new so I am protecting it with the old purple one. The purple one is for doing dirty work. The other one is for cutting fabric and paper.

Image of Main Craft Work Area Bench Looking at it straight on.

In this picture, you are looking at the work bench straight on as if you are standing in front of my white shelves that are holding my large skeins of yarn.

In the old picture I had blue bins on the shelves below the counter but now I have white drawer bins there and that is where I store alot of my yarn. Having a lot of my yarn there makes it a convenient way to store my yarn.

I also have a few drawer bins, on the top shelf, under the counter, that are being used to store miscellaneous craft supplies that don't really have their own home.

On the shelves above the counter, I store the old fish bins that I got from the restaurant I used to work at and am now using them for my plastic canvas supplies.

I also have other miscellaneous craft items stored in the other boxes on this shelf.

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