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Julie Bolduc's Craft Room

And Craft Supply Storage Ideas

Click on an Image to read more about each section and to find out how to use the idea for your storage needs.

Shipping Station

New Door Corner, Expanded Area

Sewing Corner

Sewing Corner Image

Main Work Area

Image of Main Work Area

Julie's Office

Image of Office From Craft Room Door

Storage Corner

Image of Main Storage Area

Craft Room in 2004

The stuff in these rooms is about more than 25 years of accumulation. I had a lot more but had to edit what I had and reduce as much as I could. It took my husband and I about 6 weeks of construction back in 2004 and about 1 week of moving stuff in. It is finally done! It started out as a basement space full of stuff from our initial move completely unfinished and without walls. Now it is as you see it. The color is custard and the floor is Self Stick vinyl tiles in a light wood pattern. The ceiling is made of ceiling tiles instead of a suspended ceiling or sheetrock because of cost of materials as well as difficulty of putting up sheetrock ourselves. It was alot easier to put up the ceiling tiles.

The shelves were in the old craft room and we took them out and reused them. We had to add more lumber since this room has more footage around the perimeter than the old craft room. The old craft room was an 8'x12' foot room. This one is a 12'5"x12'5" foot room with a 3'x6' section taken out of it where the front door is. It's weird that it happened to start out as a perfect square space in the basement.

If you are wondering what all those little things are on the walls, they are fairies and roses. Just something I wanted to add to the room for inspiration. Fairies seem to be always busy and doing something and I love gardening so I had to add the roses. They are Wallies, wall paper cutouts already made. They are really fun and easy to put up.

Craft Room in 2013

My husband and I are finally done updating and expanding my craft room! The images above are brand new as of June 5, 2013. If you want to see before and after pictures, click on each section above for more details about each section and to see the old pictures. I have kept the old information below so you can see what it was before this brand new update.

In one of the paragraphs below, it states that the craft room had a 3foot x 6foot area taken out of it where the door is. Well that area is now part of my new Shipping Station. So the room is now actually 12½ feet x12½ feet in size. We did keep one wall up where there are now new shelves from floor to ceiling. Click on the Shipping Station Image Above to see the new shelves.