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Old Door Corner

Before 2007 Update

Door of Craft Room

Picture Taken in 2004. In this picture, you can see where I used to store my Ironing board. The Ironing board is now in storage and not being used. The 2 large baskets were being used to store yarn. The box sitting on top of them has Christmas wrapping stuff such as bows, small gift bags, tissue paper, tape, ribbon and such. The box is actually covered with Christmas gift wrap and the top was spray painted white, then spritzed with gold spray paint to make it look festive and to remind me this is my Christmas Box. The box on top of that just had stuff I still needed to go through at the time this picture was taken.

After 2007 & 2012 Updates

Door of Craft Room

Baskets were changed to cabinet in 2007. White storage shelves were added in 2012. This picture Taken in End of March 2013 just as the construction for the New Shipping Station was beginning.

This has area has changed again! Now Finished as of June 4, 2013

Click here for New Shipping Station Photos

This door was taken from the old craft room I had outside. It was the outside door on my Mother-In-Law's house about 25 years ago. We put it on the outdoor craftroom which I had for about 8 years. Now that we have a basement, I was able to rebuild my craft room and use the same door for it. This is going through a major change right now as I write this! The door will be moving out, if you look through the window in the picture on the right, you can almost make out the construction that is happening right outside that door! I am getting more space!

The baskets are used to store yarn. I have since gotten rid of 2 of the baskets. I am still using the large one in my office closet to store Craft Fair stuff. More on that when I post photos of my office. In it's place, I put a base cabinet from my kitchen. We changed our kitchen a few years ago. Inside the cabinet I store cones of cotton yarn and a few odds and ends of craft supplies I don't use much. On top of it as you can see, I have my guillotine cutter for cutting paper into strips for making paper beads. I also use if for other cutting as well.

The light fixture there is only for pure looks. Well it was there for just looks, it is functional now. I like it. It is one of those beaded light fixtures that you glue beads on and the light shows through the beads. It came from my Mother In Law to my daughter and my daughter gave it to me, for the craft room. Well actually, the light fixture now has a brighter bulb and we removed the bottom of it so I can see what I am cutting better. So now it is functional and not just for looks.

The tall skinny shelf thing you see in the new picture is two of those white, inexpensive closet cubby storage things. One is stacked on the other. I keep miscellaneous items I need in my craft room there. One of the items there is a packing tape dispenser, that will soon be moved to my new product packing station we are working on right now outside that door! I also keep my yarn winder on one of those shelves.

Click here for New Shipping Station Photos

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