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Corner of the Bench & Beading Area

July 2004

Word Processor Bench

Early April 2013

Paper Storage & Photography Set Up

This picture was taken in April 2013 before the latest changes started to take place. I have put all of the new pictures of this whole bench area and corner on one new page.

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As you can see, there are several changes to mention. On the left, you will see where I used to have my Word Processor. Well I know longer have the word processor. In it's place is 2 stacking paper storage drawer sets. All of the drawers are filled with different types of papers I use for my paper beads. NO I am NOT a scrapbooker! As you may know, besides my family, paper beads and crochet are my passions. I collect paper like quilters collect fabric and like we collect yarn! I have more paper than this for my beads but this is where some of it is kept.

Just to the right of the drawers that hold the paper, I have 2 smaller drawers. The top one holds nylon webbing I use for making straps. The one on the bottom holds my small balls of crochet thread. Like the size 8 perle cotton I have. I also like to keep my balls of DMC Cebelia thread in this little drawer. These 2 drawers used to be on the dresser I used to have in my craft room.

To the right of that in the new pictures is where I take the majority of my pictures. I use the light tent when I am doing something small and will stay put when I take a picture of it. Otherwise, it is put away and I use a different set up that is more bead friendly since beads tend to roll around when you bump into the pop up light tent.

In the picture on the left you will see a tall plastic set of drawer bins, well those have been taken apart and moved. One of them is now under the bench, next to the ones that were already there and the other one is on the opposite wall which you cannot see in these pictures. I keep odds and ends of different types of threads and yarns in these. No rhyme or reason to these drawers. Just what ever fits.

The books on the shelves above have moved to the section of shelves which is now above where my dresser used to be but is now the home of my great white shelves my husband and I built. I moved the Black and white necklace display things I have to this section so it is easier to reach for taking pictures of necklaces. Some stuff has not changed, like the very top of these shelves.

That 5 gallon bucket, with the blue lid, to the left of my white file cabinet is what I use to store my polyester fiberfill! It keeps the stuffing clean and holds enough for the small projects I make.

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