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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

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What is the JPF Crochet Club?

The JPF Crochet Club is a paid members only club.

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    What is included?

  • 900+ Crochet Patterns
  • JPF Screen Savers
  • Word Search Puzzles
  • Crochet & Craft Clipart
  • Crochet School
  • 300 Pattern Download - Free with paid membership
  • 101 Tips for Crafters Download - Free with paid membership

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What are points?

Points are what you get by either becoming a paid member, playing game.

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What are the Pattern Categories?

The JPF Crochet Club's web site pattern page has patterns designed primarily for the crochet exchanges that are on the internet.
Granny Squares
Pin Cushions/Sachets
Dish Cloths
Kids Stuff
Pencil Cups
Tissue Covers
Kitchen Stuff
Pillowghan Squares
Filet Stitch Charts
Motifs which are not squares

Right now ( Monday, May 20, 2013 ) there are over 900 patterns in the Club with a few added every month!!! Every once in a while, I may substitute another category since there are so many categories of exchanges offered on the internet.

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    How much does it cost & How do I pay for it?

    Through Paypal or 2
  • $7.95 for one month only.
  • $7.95 for the first month, then $2.95 for each month after the first month.
  • $10.00 for 3 months one time payment
  • $10.00 for every 3 months billed automatically.
  • $19.00 for 6 months one time payment.
  • $19.00 for every 6 months billed automatically.
  • $35.00 for 1 year one time payment
  • $35.00 for every year billed automatically
  • $65.00 one time payment for Lifetime Never Ending membership
  • By Postal Check
  • Click Here to pay with a Check or Money Order Through the postal system
    Send Payment to:
    Just Plain Fun
    29 Old Dead River Rd.
    Stratton, ME 04982
Prices subject to change without notice.

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    When does membership start?

  • On Line Payments
    Your membership will start as soon as your on line transaction is approved. You will receive 2 emails one will be from the payment processor letting you know the payment was made and received, and the second one will be from the JPF Crochet Club letting you know that your account has been activated. The second email will contain your username, password and any other pertinent information about your account. You will have access upon receipt of the email from the JPF Crochet Club.

  • Off Line Payments.
    Your membership will start the day I get your payment. You will receive an email that will let you know that your account has been activated and contain your username and password.

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Privacy Policy:

I respect your privacy and I will not give or sell your email address or any other private information to anyone at anytime for any reason. The only other company to get your private information will be Paypal or for payment and identification purposes only and that will only happen by you if you choose to pay on line.

Refund Policy

  • If you order the one month option, you will have up to 48 hours to request a refund.
  • If you order the monthly option, the first month is non refundable.
  • If you order one of the lifetime memberships, you will have 7 days from the date of purchase to request a refund. There is a $10.00 cancel fee. I will refund all but $10.00 on which ever Lifetime Payment option you choose.

Ads Policy:

There are Google ads on the web site are on all of the pages except for the PDF files. The pdf files of all patterns do not have ads on them. This is the reason I am now charging points for the pdf files of the paid members patterns for non members. This is to help pay for the time I put into making the free patterns on the site as well as contributing to my goal of having this site be my own main source of income for my family. I have been able to leave my full time job but it still does not give me enough income to let my husband retire yet. If you want to buy Ad space, just send me an email for rates and conditions.

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