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JPF Crochet Club 600 Patterns & Bonus Files Download

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Download Only: $30.00

600 Pattern Download Screen Shots.

Paid Members Cost: $20.00
Paid Members Click Here
  1. The 600 pattern files on this CD are a compilation of the first 600 patterns designed for the JPF Crochet Club since February 1998. All of them have been edited to be printer friendly and does not have any ads in any of the files. You will find a link back to the JPF Crochet Club web site at the bottom of each page however.
  2. All of the pattern files are in plain web page format or .html format as well as PDF format. This makes it easy for anyone to open these files with any web browser.
  3. The bonus files are either in .pdf file format or in web page format. You should have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system to view the .pdf files.
You should find the following files on this download.

  • 600 Crochet Pattern Files*
  • 24 Filet Crochet Stitch Charts
  • 25 Colored Stitch Charts**
  • 6 Crossword Puzzles
  • 6 Word Search Puzzles
  • 6 Screen Savers

*There are 2 files which have more than 1 pattern on it so there are actually more than 600 patterns on this download.

  • 10 Mini Snowflakes
  • 5 Ornaments to Crochet

**One of the 24 colored stitch charts pages is actually a page of 16 small stitch charts made from icons found on the web.

The Filet crochet Stitch charts, the colored stitch charts, screen savers, crossword puzzles and word search puzzles cannot be found on my web site, they were exclusively made for this download.