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Crochet Toys Patterns

Image of Tic Tac Toe in a Bag

Tic Tac Toe in a Bag
Date Added: January 23, 2016
This game in a bag is fun to make. It is made primarily of granny squares that are stitched together to form the game board and the bag. The game pieces are 6 circles each of 2 colors.

Image of Fashion Doll Spring Sundress

Fashion Doll Spring Sundress
Date Added: March 13, 2014
This doll dress starts with the bodice with the shaded pinks, the skirt is made followed by the straps. and the back is closed with hook and loop tape. You can use what ever colors you want!

Image of Simple Kaleidoscope Toy

Simple Kaleidoscope Toy
Date Added: July 3, 2012
This Simple Kaleidoscope is fast and easy to make and is really meant for kids. Kids can help make the kaleidoscope part of it while you crochet the cover for it. It is made with a recycled tall empty potato crisp can with a clear lid. You will need 2 clear lids to make it work.

Image of NFL Style Football Toy

NFL Style Football Toy
Date Added: May 31, 2011
This football toy is based on the NFL football style. It is made in 4 panels which are then stitched together then has lacing on the top where the football was turned inside out, stuffed and stitched closed. It is a fun football to make and is close to the dimensions of a real NFL football.

Image of Fashion Doll Easy Chair

Fashion Doll Easy Chair
Date Added: November 14, 2007
This crocheted chair is made with a plastic canvas frame and a crocheted cover. The cover is made in 2 pieces which are then sewn together while tied onto the frame and then the bottom edge of the crochet work is stitched to the frame to give an upholstered look. A separate cushion is then made for the seat.

Image of Dumb Bell Baby Rattle

Dumb Bell Baby Rattle
Date Added: September 8, 2007
This crocheted baby rattle is made with 2 cat toys inside. Make sure you use cat toys that have plastic bells inside since metal ones could rust. It is made in 2 parts which are then sewn together.

Image of Fashion Doll Swim Suit Cover Up

Fashion Doll Swim Suit Cover Up
Date Added: June 7, 2007
This crocheted cover up for a fashion doll is easy to make and could be made in an evening or 2. You might want to use a softer thread like DMC Traditions for better draping.

Image of Spiral Hacky Sack

Spiral Hacky Sack
Date Added: April 2, 2007
This crocheted hackysack is made in tapestry crochet by carrying three strands of thread through out the project and it is stuffed with a hand made ball made with polypellets inside it.

Image of Child's Margarine Tub Purse

Child's Margarine Tub Purse
Date Added: February 19, 2007
Yes you have seen this type of purse before but I feel there could be many different versions like granny squares and scrunchies. So here is my version. These have been made to put little dolls in but they can be used for any small toy. This will also make a great gift for a little girl in your family. You could fill it up with all sorts of goodies and put a bow on it and give it to her as is without wrapping it. The one in the picture is going to my 2 year old neice. I know she is going to love it.

Image of Baby Doll Hat

Baby Doll Hat
Date Added: March 19, 2006
This small doll hat will fit a head of about 3" in diameter. It is fast and easy to make and would make a good bazaar item.

Image of Scalloped Fashion Doll Poncho

Scalloped Fashion Doll Poncho
Date Added: May 9, 2005
This poncho is made from 2 different motif shapes, 2 hexagons and 2 pentagons. It is fairly fast and easy to make. I designed this type of poncho to see if it would work so perhaps I will design a full size one for members of this site.

Image of Target Practice Game

Target Practice Game
Date Added: August 2, 2004
This game board would be fun if played with hacky sacks, bean bags or any other small soft toy your children may have. Maybe even very small stuffed animals just as long as it is smaller than the center circle.

Image of Mancala Game

Mancala Game
Date Added: July 6, 2004
Check out this large game board! It is 2 feet long and would be really easy to take with you on vacation! Your kids would love this if you made it in their favorite colors!

Image of Striped Ball

Striped Ball
Date Added: June 9, 2004
This ball is fast and easy to make and can be easily made into a bean bag!

Image of Fashion Doll Sun Hat

Fashion Doll Sun Hat
Date Added: May 28, 2004
This hat is fast and easy to make and is just the right size for Barbie! You could make several in different colors to go with different outfits! You could stiffen it also so it will keep it's shape if you like.

Image of Stuffed Animal Hammock

Stuffed Animal Hammock
Date Added: May 13, 2004
This small hammock is perfect for holding a few cute stuffed animals in a kid's room. You could of course make it any color you want and it can be used in a boy's room to hold balls or bears. How cute!

Image of Soccer Ball

Soccer Ball
Date Added: April 21, 2004
This great soccer ball is regulation size and I designed it based on a plush soccer ball my daughter had. I did not have any black yarn so I used the pretty amethyst color you see here. Even my husband likes it!!

Image of Shell Stitch Doll Blanket

Shell Stitch Doll Blanket
Date Added: August 8, 2001
This blanket is made up of a stitch pattern found in Encyclopedia of 300 Crochet Patterns Stitches and Designs on page 86 #14. You can make this blanket all one color but I thought it would be more interesting with 3 complimentary colors. This doll blanket would also be great as a preemie blanket if made with a super soft yarn.

Image of Fashion Doll Dressy Poncho

Fashion Doll Dressy Poncho
Date Added: March 23, 2001
This little poncho is fast and easy to make. It starts with a ring and is worked in the round. Once you make one of these, you will want to try to make one for yourself or for your kids! It is easy to adjust for real people! Just switch to yarn and make sure the starting ring fits over the person's head. There is also another version, for regular people, made with vsts, in the wearables section!

Image of Gabrielle's Spring Gown

Gabrielle's Spring Gown
Date Added: May 16, 1999
This gown and hat is made up of mainly V-sts and can be completed in a day. It is a good beginner project especially since I have not made very many doll patterns like this. This pattern starts at the neck and works down in one piece all the way to the bottom but then the over skirt is worked onto the dress after the main part of the dress is complete.

Image of Fashion Doll Shrug

Fashion Doll Shrug
Date Added: May 3, 1999
This shrug would look cute with any of your doll's strapless dresses. It is easy to make and you could make a few in an evening. A great item to sell at a school bazaar. The dress the doll is wearing is a pattern I designed earlier and can be found for free on this site.

Image of Fashion Doll Easter Party Outfit

Fashion Doll Easter Party Outfit
Date Added: March 2, 1999
This Halter Sun Outfit is a perfect way for your fashion doll to welcome in Spring. It is done in 2 parts which makes it easier to put onto the doll. You could make so many different color combinations for a complete wardrobe for Spring and Summer!

Image of Rainbow Worm

Rainbow Worm
Date Added: February 26, 1999
This cute little worm is just perfect for the little ones in your life. It is lined with a sock so that the stuffing will not poke out and also the face is embroidered on so this really is safe for babies.

Image of Sweetheart Necklace Purse

Sweetheart Necklace Purse
Date Added: February 9, 1999
This little necklace purse is just right for holding a small amount of candy and would make a great gift for that little girl in your family. This pattern uses the new stitch the Single Crochet Front Back Bobble.

Image of Bean Bag Ball

Bean Bag Ball
Date Added: January 23, 1999
This ball was my first attempt at designing a hackysack. Well it is a little big so I just set it aside and made another one which was smaller. Now you can make this ball as part of a juggling set. You will need to make at least 3 to be able to call them juggling balls.

Image of Mr. Fashion Doll Pants

Mr. Fashion Doll Pants
Date Added: November 19, 1998
These pants are a result of a request for clothing made for a Ken doll. It took quite a bit of thinking to get the best way to construct a pair of pants that would not be too difficult for the beginner to do. If you need to make the pants larger or smaller just use a larger or smaller hook to get the right gauge.

Image of Teddy Bear Christmas Dress

Teddy Bear Christmas Dress
Date Added: October 19, 1998
The dress on this bear can be made with any color you choose to go great in any season. But what a cute look it is for the Holidays! The last 4 rounds of the skirt are worked in such a manner as to make them look woven but they are not. It is just the way the stitches are done.

Image of Stars & Stripes Hacky Sac

Stars & Stripes Hacky Sac
Date Added: September 26, 1998
The design of this hacky sack was was first drawn as a picture by my 13 yr old step son after he found the pellets in Wal-Mart for me. I guess I owe him one so I let him draw a picture of what he wanted his hacky sack to look like.

Image of Fashion Doll Gown

Fashion Doll Gown
Date Added: August 19, 1998
This floor length dress would be liked by any girl who has Barbies and who likes to play with them. Your little girl can pretend her doll is going to a party with this dress. It can be completed in an evening. You may consider making this as a Christmas gift this year.

Image of Little Stuffed Football

Little Stuffed Football
Date Added: August 19, 1998
This football is just the right size for those little guy's hands. And would make the perfect gift to give that precious little guy in your life who loves football. It works up in just an hour or two depending on your crochet speed.

Image of Fashion Doll Christmas Cape

Fashion Doll Christmas Cape
Date Added: June 23, 1998
This cape would look lovely with any Fashion doll outfit. The dress that the doll is wearing is a pattern here at this site.

Image of Fashion Doll Summer Party Dress and Shawl

Fashion Doll Summer Party Dress and Shawl
Date Added: June 2, 1998
This outfit combines a pretty pink strapless sundress and a lacy white shawl for a little girl's pretend summer party with her doll's. I designed this dress and shawl in just one afternoon so this should work up quickly for a last minute gift for a lucky little girl.

Image of Fashion Doll Bedspread

Fashion Doll Bedspread
Date Added: May 23, 1998
This fashion doll beadspread is made to the same scale as the Barbie and Ken Dolls and this spread is meant to be for a Queen size bed. The Lavender part is made just to cover the top of the bed and the varigated colors are meant to hang down the sides of the bed.