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JPF Crochet Club Pattern Policy

All of the patterns on the site are free and there is a printer friendly PDF copy of every pattern on the site.

Since everyone cannot view the PDF files, there is also an html version of each pattern on the site.

There is a special download page for each and every pattern on the site where you can either go to the PDF version or the HTML version of each pattern.

Every time I add a pattern to the site, I also add a PDF version of that pattern.

I have installed the latest version of Cute PDF and have the latest version of Acrobat Reader on my computer and that is what I will be using to make the pdf files so you need to have the Acrobat 6 Reader or better installed on your computer to view the PDF files. It is a free download from Get Adobe Reader

There is a copyright notice on the bottom of each and every page on this site, it would be greatly appreciated if you make sure you abide by them. If you want to make the items and sell them at craft fairs or bazaars, that is fine with me but do not mass produce them.