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Crochet Ornaments Patterns

Image of Winter's Coming Snowflake Sun Catcher

Winter's Coming Snowflake Sun Catcher
Date Added: October 4, 2014
This ornament is fast and easy to make and would be a pretty addition to any Christmas tree!

Image of Glowing Bell Ornament

Glowing Bell Ornament
Date Added: December 16, 2013
This little Bell ornament has a removable mini LED light in it which makes it glow! It is easy to make and would be a pretty addition to any holiday or special occasion decorating theme. I bought the little LED light at

Image of Sugarloaf Snowflake Ornament

Sugarloaf Snowflake Ornament
Date Added: August 7, 2010
This snowflake is the first in a series of snowflakes I plan to design named after the mountains in Maine. The snowflake is fast and easy to make and would make a great addition to anyone's snowflake collection.

Image of Simple Bell Ornament

Simple Bell Ornament
Date Added: July 18, 2009
This bell ornament pattern is fast and easy to make and is made in one piece which is then pulled over a shell shaped foam ornament.

Image of Victorian Ball Ornament

Victorian Ball Ornament
Date Added: December 30, 2008
This ball is fun and easy to make and is made in 2 pieces that are laced together around the equator of the ball ornament. It is made with Victorian Christmas yarn.

Image of Four Mini Ball Ornaments

Four Mini Ball Ornaments
Date Added: October 11, 2007
These crocheted Christmas ornaments are made with mini ball ornaments that are only 1 inch in diameter. They are meant to decorate a miniature Christmas tree about 18inches tall. They are fun and easy to make and a kit to make them is available on this site in the store.

Image of Pearl Beaded Suncatcher

Pearl Beaded Suncatcher
Date Added: May 27, 2007
This crocheted, beaded suncatcher is fast and easy to make and just uses a few beads. After you are done crocheting it, you weave the starting end through round one to close the center hole.

Image of Basket Ornament

Basket Ornament
Date Added: February 28, 2007
This basket ornament is one of the set of Five Ornaments that has been available on this site for over a year. This would be perfect for hanging on the tree and placing a small gift inside it for that special someone. Or it can be used at Easter as a little tiny decoration.

Image of Sequined Ball Ornament

Sequined Ball Ornament
Date Added: December 12, 2006
This ornament pattern is fast, fun and easy to make and is studded with beaded sequins for that touch of sparkle for Christmas.

Image of Winter Bliss Snowflake

Winter Bliss Snowflake
Date Added: December 6, 2006
This fast and easy snowflake is just another flake to add to your flurry of snowflake patterns. Enjoy!

Image of Woven Wreath Ornament

Woven Wreath Ornament
Date Added: November 30, 2006
This wreath ornament is fast and easy to make and you can use many different combinations of 2 different color yarns to make neat effects. Decorate with what ever you want to personalize to your taste.

Image of Shell Stitch Bell Ornament

Shell Stitch Bell Ornament
Date Added: August 23, 2006
This bell is fast and easy to make and can be made with any color thread you want for any occasion whether it is for Christmas, New year's or a wedding.

Image of Filet Center Snowflake

Filet Center Snowflake
Date Added: December 9, 2005
This snowflake is fast and easy to make and starts off as filet crochet in the center around a center ring.

Image of Winter Suncatcher Snowflake

Winter Suncatcher Snowflake
Date Added: August 20, 2005
This snowflake ornament is slightly larger than the usual snowflakes I make so I thought it would be a good idea to hang this in a window during the winter months to cast shadows of snowflakes in the room.

Image of Trebles & Chains Ball Ornament

Trebles & Chains Ball Ornament
Date Added: July 28, 2005
This ball ornament is fast and easy to make and would look great done in several different color combinations. The top and bottom part are done separately then put together over the ball. The bottom chains are longer than the top chains on the last round.

Image of 8 Point Medallion Suncatcher

8 Point Medallion Suncatcher
Date Added: June 15, 2005
This suncatcher is also small enough to be a Christmas ornamanet. It is fairly fast and easy to make.

Image of Pretty Ball Ornament

Pretty Ball Ornament
Date Added: May 5, 2005
This ball ornament is made in 2 pieces which are then put together in the last round. It is fast and easy to make and you could use any color combination you would like.

Image of Mr. Bumble Bee Ornament

Mr. Bumble Bee Ornament
Date Added: January 20, 2005
This ornament, even though it looks like a toy, is not a toy. It is a decoration or ornament for spring or summer decorating. It would look great stuck onto a plant poke or hung up in a window. His happy face should bring a smile to anyone who sees him.

Image of Lacy Chains Snowflake

Lacy Chains Snowflake
Date Added: January 6, 2005
This snowflake is a result of a visitor request. She wanted me to design a snowflake based on the Snowflake Bookmark I designed on this site. I changed the 3rd round then added one more.

Image of Starry Ball Ornament

Starry Ball Ornament
Date Added: November 25, 2004
This ball ornament is made with 2 stars put together at the points as the last round is worked on the 2nd star. It is fun, easy and fast to make.

Image of Little Chains Wreath Ornament

Little Chains Wreath Ornament
Date Added: October 1, 2004
This wreath is made in a different way. As you will see when you get started. It works up quickly and is fun to make.

Image of Glittery Celtic Ball Ornament

Glittery Celtic Ball Ornament
Date Added: September 6, 2004
This ornament is made with motifs which are stitched together as they are made. Then sequins and beads are added as an embelishment.

Image of Citrus Stitch Snowflake Ornament

Citrus Stitch Snowflake Ornament
Date Added: August 10, 2004
This ornament is made with worsted weight yarn and a brass ring. It uses the Citrus Stitch which you can find in the Stitches section of the Reference area of this site.

Image of Santa's Mittens Ornament

Santa's Mittens Ornament
Date Added: July 14, 2004
These cute mittens are open a the top so you can stuff them with sweet treats if you like. Also they would make a cute package topper as well.

Image of Beaded Stuffed Star

Beaded Stuffed Star
Date Added: July 2, 2004
This ornament has red white and green beads on it and is made with Baby Sport Pompadour yarn so it has a little sparkle to it. It would look great on your Christmas Tree!

Image of Simple Beaded Wreath Ornament

Simple Beaded Wreath Ornament
Date Added: June 17, 2004
This really fast and easy wreath ornament is one of many I designed on the site. It is a perfect pattern for a beginner to start with.

Image of Large Netted Ball Ornament

Large Netted Ball Ornament
Date Added: May 24, 2004
This ball ornament is made by worked by fastenening off at the end of almost every round then rejoining the thread for the next round. The result is just beautiful and well worth the extra effort of weaving in the extra ends.

Image of Freedom Ball Ornament

Freedom Ball Ornament
Date Added: April 29, 2004
This ornament is made with beads in every single round. I used red, clear and blue beads in it but you can use what ever color you choose.

Image of Eyelet Lace Snowflake

Eyelet Lace Snowflake
Date Added: November 27, 2003
This little snowflake is fast and fun to make, you could make several in just a few hours. Snowflakes always make great bazaar items!

Image of Filigree Crystal Snowflake

Filigree Crystal Snowflake
Date Added: September 30, 2003
This snowflake is fast and fun to make and several can be completed in an evening. Pay close attention to the 3rd round of this snowflake. It is done in a different way.

Image of Puffed Circle Ornament

Puffed Circle Ornament
Date Added: December 15, 2002
This ornament is stuffed with tissue paper but to make it washable, you could use a piece from a plastic shopping bag. I made it ridged, with tissue paper, so it will keep it's shape.

Image of Snowflake Ball Ornament

Snowflake Ball Ornament
Date Added: November 29, 2001
This ball is fun to make. It is done in two pieces that are stitched together on the last round of the 2nd piece. It has a snowflake on the top and one on the bottom stitched together with a band of large open mesh around the center of it.

Image of Ice Crystal Snowflake

Ice Crystal Snowflake
Date Added: November 16, 2001
This snowflake is fast and easy to make and you could make several in an evening. It is just the right size for a package topper or you could even make a bunch and hang them in your window.

Image of Beaded Popcorn Wreath Ornament

Beaded Popcorn Wreath Ornament
Date Added: November 8, 2001
This wreath is very fast and easy to make. If you want a more formal look, change the beads to all one color and use either a solid white, red or green yarn for the crochet part of it.

Image of Striped Ball Ornament

Striped Ball Ornament
Date Added: August 10, 2001
This ball ornament was made from a recycled old satin covered ball that lost it's satin covering. You can also use a styrofoam ball that is available at any good craft store. Make a bunch of these in a wide variety of colors. Imagine the red stripes done in green or even variagated Christmas colors or even Christmas glitter yarn!

Image of Filet Star Ornament

Filet Star Ornament
Date Added: July 27, 2001
This little star is a great project for beginners who are just starting to work in filet in the round. It is purely done in file until the last round. This would look wonderful on anyone's tree.

Image of Mini Snowflake

Mini Snowflake
Date Added: July 18, 2001
This little snowflake is super fast and easy to make. It is just the right size for a small table top tree. Or you can use it as a package topper.

Image of Mini Bell Ornament

Mini Bell Ornament
Date Added: May 23, 2001
This tiny bell is designed for a small Christmas Tree. You could hang it on a normal sized tree also if you want to. It is very fast and easy to make and you could make several in an evening.

Image of Lacy Ball Ornament

Lacy Ball Ornament
Date Added: January 13, 2001
I know it is not Christmas any more but why not make this now and get started early on next year's holiday season! This ball ornament is fairly simple to make and is all one piece. You can complete it in an evening! Actually you could make 2 or 3 in an evening!

Image of Lacy Bell Ornament

Lacy Bell Ornament
Date Added: November 24, 2000
This lacy bell is fairly quick to make and would look great on your tree. you could also decorate a Christmas wreath with it. It has a jingle bell on the inside as the clapper.

Image of Pretty Snowflake Ornament

Pretty Snowflake Ornament
Date Added: October 9, 2000
This lacy snowflake is fast and easy to make and you could make several in an evening! It is just the right size for filling those large open spaces on your tree. You could also use it as a package topper just like any other snowflake you can make.

Image of Bulb Sachet Ornament

Bulb Sachet Ornament
Date Added: September 26, 2000
This sachet ornament would look great done in a solid color as well as a variagated thread. You can stuff it with polyester stuffing as shown in the photo, then infuse it with a spray scent, or you can stuff it with potpourri. If you have an artificial tree, and you have any access to fir trees, you could cut a few tips off the branches of the tree and use the needles to stuff it.

Image of Popcorn Wreath Ornament

Popcorn Wreath Ornament
Date Added: July 26, 2000
This ornament is made with an empty transparent tape core. One of my favorite recycled items to use in making wreath ornaments. It is really fast and easy to make and a great way to reuse those empty transparent tape cores.

Image of Double Crochet Wreath Ornament

Double Crochet Wreath Ornament
Date Added: July 26, 2000
This wreath may look similar to others you may have seen but it is different in the way it is made. You can make many of these in an evening since they are so very quick to make! Imagine how many different color combinations you can come up with by using different colors of yarn and ribbons. Like green yarn with white or gold ribbon. You could also dress it up with fancy Christmas buttons or even beads.

Image of Beaded Tape Core Wreath

Beaded Tape Core Wreath
Date Added: December 17, 1999
This wreath is made almost the same way as the very first pattern I ever designed. It is made with an empty plastic ring from the core of a roll of transparent tape. So if you have any of those empty tape cores around and you do not want to throw them away you can make these wreaths very quickly and give them out as gift toppers.

Image of Delicate Snowflake

Delicate Snowflake
Date Added: November 27, 1999
Like all snowflake patterns this would be beautiful as a package topper or an ornament. You could even use worsted weight yarn to make a large table mat or a motif in an afghan.

Image of Regal Snowflake

Regal Snowflake
Date Added: November 9, 1999
This snowflake looks like it is made up of a ring of crowns. It is a little different from most snowflakes in that it has a large hole in the center. So you could actually embellish this snowflake with a tiny Christmas or other winter holiday charm.

Image of 10Mini Snowflakes

10Mini Snowflakes
Date Added: November 1, 1999
These mini snowflakes were first designed in 1992. They would look cute as package toppers or on a mini Christmas Tree.

Image of Loopy Tree Ornament

Loopy Tree Ornament
Date Added: October 7, 1999
This tree starts out as a simple circle then it is worked in rounds alternating a round of dc and a round of loop stitches. After making the initial circle you turn your work so that you are working on the back side of the circle.

Image of Lacy Snowflake

Lacy Snowflake
Date Added: August 13, 1999
This lacy snow flake is made with size 20 thread and would be a bit bigger if made with size 10 thread. It could be put into a metal ring to turn it into a suncatcher.

Image of Lacet Ball Ornament

Lacet Ball Ornament
Date Added: June 9, 1999
This ornament is made with a different color combination but you could use any color thread you want. When I made this ornament I had envisioned a bunch of these hung around a reception hall of a wedding with silver and white decorations all around.

Image of Spiral Ball Ornament

Spiral Ball Ornament
Date Added: April 14, 1999
This ball ornament is made with a spiral on it. You could make a whole bunch of these with white satin balls and use thread colors that would match a parties theme.

Image of Star of David Ornament

Star of David Ornament
Date Added: December 28, 1998
This ornament was designed as a result of a direct request from one of the members of the JPF Crochet Club. It is the closest I could come to making it look like the Star of David. It would make a great package topper or a window ornament any time of the year.

Image of Square Ornament

Square Ornament
Date Added: December 20, 1998
I designed this ornament about 14 years ago during my first Christmas as a new mom and wife. It is not one of my best designs but it is one that I put on my tree every year.

Image of Square D Ornament

Square D Ornament
Date Added: November 19, 1998
I used a square D ring to make this ornament cause I have hundreds of these rings and thought it would be fun to have an ornament made with one. You could use a bone ring which is ¾ in diameter instead if you cannot find one of the Square D's in your local fabric store. You can order some square D's from me also. I have hundreds of them.

Image of Star in a Star Ornament

Star in a Star Ornament
Date Added: November 13, 1998
This star ornament works up really quick and you could make up a whole bunch for your local bazaar or to use as package toppers. I know that my family loves to receive the crochet ornaments I tend to make every year.

Image of Colorful Snowflake

Colorful Snowflake
Date Added: October 30, 1998
This pretty Christmas color snowflake is a different twist from the normal white snowflakes. I thought it would be nice to see what a snowflake made with the Christmas colors would look like and this is what I came up with.

Image of Gilded Wreath

Gilded Wreath
Date Added: October 29, 1998
This pretty wreath would not only look great on your tree but also as a package topper.

Image of Super Quick Snowflake Ornament

Super Quick Snowflake Ornament
Date Added: October 11, 1998
This little snowflake is very quick to make. You could make several in an evening and would look great on any tree or package top. It would also make a great bazaar item.

Image of White On White Ball Ornament

White On White Ball Ornament
Date Added: October 2, 1998
This white on white ball ornament would look elegant with many more of the same type of ornament on a tree done up with clear lights and gold garland.

Image of Strawberry Ornament

Strawberry Ornament
Date Added: September 8, 1998
I know that strawberries are not in season during the Christmas Holidays in most areas of the world but I figure they are available somewhere in the winter and the colors are perfect for Christmas.

Image of Clipart Ornament

Clipart Ornament
Date Added: September 3, 1998
You will need iron on transfer paper for an inkjet printer. If you do not have a color inkjet or bubble jet printer you can use rubber stamps or your own artwork to make the design for the ornament.

Image of Filet Shell Ornament

Filet Shell Ornament
Date Added: July 15, 1998
This ornament made with a satin covered 3 diameter ball would be really pretty combined with many more of the same type on your Christmas tree. This is my favorite type of Christmas ornament to make.

Image of Filet Bell Ornament

Filet Bell Ornament
Date Added: July 8, 1998
This filet bell ornament would look wonderful hung right infront of a christmas light on your tree. Need I say more?

Image of Star Dream Catcher Ornament

Star Dream Catcher Ornament
Date Added: July 1, 1998
This dream catcher has caught a star for you to wish on. Keep it hung in your window year round and then place it on your tree at Christmas time to remind you of the great Star that shone the night Jesus was born

Image of Smiley Face Ornament

Smiley Face Ornament
Date Added: June 2, 1998
This smiley face ornament is sure to put a smile on someones face when they see it on a Christmas tree. If you put a whole bunch of them on the tree you could call it the happiest tree around!!!

Image of Wedding Dove Ornament

Wedding Dove Ornament
Date Added: June 1, 1998
This dove ornament would be the perfect decoration on a wedding table and would make a nice first Christmas ornament for a new couple's first Christmas tree together.

Image of Vst Ball Ornament

Vst Ball Ornament
Date Added: May 1, 1998
This ball ornament is made with a white satin covered 2 1/2 ball. It is covered with a country blue crocheted mesh which has a combination of Vsts and ch 3 nets sts.

Image of Snowflake One of 10 Mini Snowflakes

Snowflake One of 10 Mini Snowflakes
Date Added: April 10, 1998
This is just one of a collection of 10 mini snowflake patterns available from Just Plain Fun!

Image of Patchwork Stocking Ornament

Patchwork Stocking Ornament
Date Added: April 1, 1998
This Patchwork Stocking Ornament is made with six small circles which are sewn together in a stretched L shape. It is open at top so that little goodies can be tucked inside for some lucky person.

Image of Set of 5 Ornaments

Set of 5 Ornaments
Date Added: March 15, 1998
All of these patterns with the exception of the angel are crocheted with baby yarn. The angel is crocheted with size 10 Knit-Cro-Sheen.

Image of Tape Core Wreath Ornament

Tape Core Wreath Ornament
Date Added: March 15, 1998
This wreath ornament is based on the very first pattern I designed back in 1983. I changed the beads and the ribbon on this one. I would actually use red satin ribbon but I did not have any at the time this wreath was made so I used red twill tape for the example.