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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

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Crochet Bookmarks Patterns

Image of Three Grannies Bookmark

Three Grannies Bookmark
Date Added: August 8, 2006
This bookmark is made from 3 granny squares sewn together then a round of decorative stitches are worked around the perimeter of the whole thing. It is fairly fast and easy to make and would make a great bazaar item.

Image of Lacets Bookmark

Lacets Bookmark
Date Added: August 21, 2004
This bookmark is made in rows then in rounds after row 3 is made. You can make it in an evening and would make a great last minute gift!

Image of Glittery Bookmark

Glittery Bookmark
Date Added: May 7, 2004
This bookmark is made with glitter thread but you could use any size 10 crochet cotton you have.

Image of Altered Filet Bookmark

Altered Filet Bookmark
Date Added: December 15, 2003
This bookmark is made in a way where you can weave ribbons through it. Or you can sew beads on it for a very festive look. You can complete it in an evening if you are comfortable with crocheting with thread.

Image of Lacet Strip Bookmark

Lacet Strip Bookmark
Date Added: October 25, 2000
This simple bookmark looks harder to do than it really is. It is fairly quick to make and you would make great little something extra you could give someone who reads alot. You could also embelish it with a satin ribbon woven down the center of it.

Image of Ribbons Bookmark

Ribbons Bookmark
Date Added: March 30, 2000
This bookmark was inspired by a bookmark made of satin ribbons I saw in a Bible at church. I thought to myself, I really should make one of those for the book of common prayer we use at church. So I designed this one made of thread.

Image of Elegant Pineapple Bookmark

Elegant Pineapple Bookmark
Date Added: July 29, 1999
This elegant bookmark is just the right look for that special book you may have. It would also make a great gift to give a new bride done in a color to coordinate with her wedding.

Image of Easter Egg Bookmark

Easter Egg Bookmark
Date Added: March 19, 1999
This bookmark is made up of a bunch of eggs. It has an egg at the bottom the long tail looks like little eggs and it has one Pineapple like egg at the top. This is a really fun and fast last minute Basket Stuffer you can make for all of your kids.

Image of Heart Bookmark

Heart Bookmark
Date Added: January 14, 1999
The heart was designed by J.L. Vanderslice. She wanted to design a basic motif that other people can expand on and this bookmark is the way I expanded on it.

Image of Snowflake Bookmark

Snowflake Bookmark
Date Added: December 3, 1998
This sparkly bookmark was inspired by an email sent to a crochet mailing list I am a member of. One lady was looking for a Heart Shaped bookmark with a tail then a day or so later someone replied with the idea of making a snowflake with a tail for a bookmark.

Image of Shell Stitch Filet Bookmark

Shell Stitch Filet Bookmark
Date Added: March 11, 1998
This is the very first bookmark I designed for the JPF Crochet Club web site. It starts off as a basic filet crochet strip then shells are worked around the perimeter.