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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

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eBooks for the Kindle Fire

Here you will find a listing of all of the books I have on for the Kindle fire. Right now, as of updating this page, I have 10 titles available.

I do have plans to add more over the next few months. Most of them will be of the patterns I have on this site compiled into collections of patterns.

I Love My Kindle Fire!

Wow! What a device! I had no idea how fun it is and how much it really can do! Not only is it great for reading full color books, but you can also download several free apps and games. I really do like to play puzzle games like Sudoku, Angry Birds, Mahjong, Gems, Solitaire card games and a few others I cannot remember the names of. I have also installed the Kindle's answer for Microsoft Office, Quick Offic Pro. I am able to write word documents, work on spread sheets and when I figure it out, make power point presentations. I could go on and on with what you can do with it. They add up quickly. I take my Kindle Fire almost everywhere and every night, I end my night with a game or two of either gems or Mahjong. Then I plug it in and put it to bed.

Best Cover Ever!

Of course I had to get a cover for my Kindle and I decided to get the leather one. It may be more expensive than other ones but it is well worth every penny. It does a great job with protecting my Kindle Fire from scratches while it is in my tote bag. The built in stand needs to be broken in more but it does it's job. It has an elastic strap you put over the cover to keep it closed while you are not using the Kindle Fire. By the way, my cover does protect against minor spillage of liquids. I found out the hard way. I had a water bottle leak in my tote bag while the kindle fire was in the bag and the cover got wet but the Kindle Fire was bone dry! I have 2 coworkers in my office who have a Kindle Fire also with different covers they purchased and they both said they should have bought the one I bought.

Charger and Stylus for a Great Value!

I also bought a car Charger that happened to come with a small stylus. I have to say, I have not used the charger yet, I haven't had to, but I use the small extendable stylus all of the time! I don't like finger prints on my Kindle Fire. I have been using the sytlus for quite a while now and it does put smudges and marks on the screen but those are easily wiped off with a small cloth. The charger and stylus were inexpensive enough that if I needed to, I would not have any problem ordering them again. It has a little pin thing that sticks right into the port that is for ear buds you can get. The little port is where you attach the stylus so you do not lose it.

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