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Crochet Christmas Patterns

Image of Beaded Tea Light Christmas Candle Holder

Beaded Tea Light Christmas Candle Holder
Date Added: December 2, 2013
This little candle was going to be one of those candles made with a bath tissue roll but when I put the little tealight inside after finishing the 3rd round, I just had to make it a little candle holder as you see here! You could make several of these and put them around your house or give them as party favors! One more thing! You may not have noticed, this pattern matches the Little Fir Christmas Tree!

Image of Little Fir Christmas Tree

Little Fir Christmas Tree
Date Added: November 16, 2013
This Little Fir Christmas Tree resembles the fir trees that are usually used for Christmas trees. It actually has a center trunk and the "branches" are actually worked on the trunk after the trunk is made.

Image of Christmas Countdown Blocks

Christmas Countdown Blocks
Date Added: November 11, 2013
These blocks can help you count down the days until Christmas! They an also be used during the whole month of December staring on December 1 through New Years Eve. They are made with 2" x 2" x 2" little gift boxes that have been stuffed with rocks for weight. The boxes were then covered in clear shipping tape to make them secure and solid.

Image of Victorian Christmas Tree Skirt

Victorian Christmas Tree Skirt
Date Added: December 9, 2008
This crocheted victorian Christmas Tree Skirt is made with 10 panels that are crocheted together to form a complete circle. Then a collar is made at the top to make the neck of the skirt smaller. It is fun and easy to make but it is a big project that is time consuming.

Image of Granny Square Boot Centerpiece

Granny Square Boot Centerpiece
Date Added: October 27, 2008
This crocheted boot centerpiece is fast and easy to make. It uses a simple granny square pattern that has a wreath worked into it. I have tucked an empty plastic coffee can inside but you can use anything in it that is the same size.

Image of Christmas Tree Countdown

Christmas Tree Countdown
Date Added: December 1, 2007
This crocheted Christmas Tree Countdown is made from the bottom up and is supported by dowels on the back side. The tree stand is made after the main part of the tree is stitched. Each ornament is made one at a time and attached to the tree with a bead at the top. Each ornament is has a miniature flat back ornament glued to the front and the back has a circle cut from a recycled Christmas card. Then the cut edges of each circle is covered with a decorative metallic red and gold braid trim. To use this count down, just turn an ornament over each day saving the star for last. If you have left over supplies, you can use them to make more ornaments for your family's Christmas tree! They would also make great little gifts!

Image of Mini Pineapple Tree Skirt

Mini Pineapple Tree Skirt
Date Added: September 1, 2007
This mini tree skirt is meant for a small Christmas tree about 18 inches tall. It is fun and easy to make and is just the right size to cover up the ugly base of those small trees.

Image of Christmas Wish Candle

Christmas Wish Candle
Date Added: December 8, 2006
This Christmas candle was designed to match the Christmas Tissue Box Cover which is available on this site. It is fast and easy to make and is one of those patterns which recycles some simple household trash!

Image of Snowman Centerpiece

Snowman Centerpiece
Date Added: November 25, 2006
This centerpiece is just the thing you need to decorate the center of your dining table during the holidays. It can be used throughout the winter season. This is actually a cover for a clear glass pumkin candy holder with a tight fitting lid. The whole snowman sits on a snowflake shaped mat with silk poinsettias and 2 christmas picks placed on the mat in front of the snowman.

Image of Holiday Wreath Table Mat

Holiday Wreath Table Mat
Date Added: December 30, 2005
This wreath mat is made with Christmas colors but it could be made with any combination of colors you desire for any holiday you want.

Image of Net Stitch Tree Skirt

Net Stitch Tree Skirt
Date Added: December 26, 2004
This tree skirt has is fairly fast and easy to make and it is done in all 1 piece. You will need about 1½ skeins white pompadour yarn or 9 ounces.

Image of Ruffled Candle

Ruffled Candle
Date Added: September 30, 2004
This candle is fast and fun to make and uses the scfbb as an accent. It also uses an empty bath tissue roll for it's form.

Image of Snowflake Stocking

Snowflake Stocking
Date Added: September 30, 2004
This stocking started out as a pair of slippers but I quickly realized I did not have enough of the double thick yarn to make the 2nd slipper so I made it into a stocking instead.

Image of Beaded Pompadour Garland

Beaded Pompadour Garland
Date Added: June 11, 2004
This garland took about 2 hours to make. You can use any yarn and beads you want to make this pattern. I used what beads I had on hand.

Image of Decorated Christmas Tree

Decorated Christmas Tree
Date Added: October 20, 2003
This tree is made in separate layers then each layer is pinned to a styrofoam cone. It is a fun and easy tree to make and when you are done with it, it is already decorated!

Image of Hexagon Lidded Christmas Card Box

Hexagon Lidded Christmas Card Box
Date Added: July 5, 2003
This pattern is a result of a request by a visitor to my site and since the pattern is so much like others I have seen, I am giving this pattern away for free. This is a great way to recycle holiday or any type of greeting cards you get. Consider making one for someone's birthday out of old birthday cards! Or if you get Easter Cards, make one without a lid to hold Easter Eggs. You can also use card stock you print on your computer or rubber stamps on. The idea though is to recycle greeting cards with this project.

Image of Santa's Stocking

Santa's Stocking
Date Added: November 24, 2000
This stocking is made almost in the same way a knit pair of socks is made. The cuff is made first, then the leg, then the heel flap. Then the foot is formed then the toe. This stocking can also double as a boot sock to actually wear! This fits me! I have a size woman's 7 foot! I think it looks and works much better as a Christmas stocking though.

Image of Beaded Popcorn Garland

Beaded Popcorn Garland
Date Added: December 6, 1999
This garland uses a combination of beads and popcorns which takes a little longer to make but the ending result is well worth the effort. I used assorted beads and a variagated Christmas yarn but you could use one type of bead with a solid color yarn for a completely different effect. Either way it would look wonderful on any tree.

Image of Christmas Card Holder Pocket

Christmas Card Holder Pocket
Date Added: November 20, 1999
This card pocket is just the thing you need to keep all of your holiday cards in that you get from all of your friends and family! It uses plastic canvas for it's form so it is nice and sturdy and should hold up to years of use.

Image of Puff Stitch Elf Stocking

Puff Stitch Elf Stocking
Date Added: November 17, 1999
This unusual stocking started out as a pair of slippers but I ran out of enough red yarn to complete the pair so I decided to make it a Christmas Stocking instead.

Image of Beaded Garland

Beaded Garland
Date Added: December 6, 1998
This garland can be made any length you need. Just use as many beads as you need to make the desired length you want. You can also use what ever colored beads you want. This garland would look lovely made with a rainbow of colored beads.

Image of Family Christmas Stocking

Family Christmas Stocking
Date Added: December 1, 1998
This stocking is big enough to hold small items for each member of your immediate family so here is a new tradition we will be starting in our family. Read below the instructions about this new tradition.

Image of Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown
Date Added: November 1, 1998
This cool countdown thingy is a result of a plea to a crochet mailing list for a pattern for a Christmas Countdown pattern that she was looking for. I have no idea what the one she was looking for looked like so I came up with my own.

Image of Coffee Can Lid Wreath

Coffee Can Lid Wreath
Date Added: October 28, 1998
This wreath would look wonderful anywhere you have an empty space. It is really full and and is fun to make. You can embelish it with what ever you like. I used small pointsettias and gold Lame Ribbon.

Image of Snowflake Tablemat

Snowflake Tablemat
Date Added: October 8, 1998
This mat would look great as part of a simple centerpiece which could have a Christmas candy dish sitting on it or even a couple of heavy candles.

Image of Christmas Candle

Christmas Candle
Date Added: September 22, 1998
I know you are thinking to yourself that you have seen this candle before and you may have even made one that is similar. Well the idea for this candle is not mine but the pattern is. I am sure I could come up with other looks based on this basic construction. So enjoy!!!