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JPFun Newsletter

Monday, June 19, 2017

Web Site News

I will be making changes to the JPF Crochet Club. Some parts of the website will be discontinued and the main focus is going to be on the patterns and the patterns alone. I really do not have time to crochet right now as my Paper Bead Crafts web site is taking up most of my time. I am also going to drop the points program but not the actual weekly raffle, scavenger hunt, PawTracker or the Bingo game. You will still need to register to play the Bingo and Raffle every week but you will no longer be earning points. Instead of getting points, you will get entries for the weekly raffle. The games will go away since only one or two people are actually visiting and playing them per day.

I am also fixing some web design issues that keep coming up and driving me crazy so if you see something not quite right, it's because I am working on the site. The layout will be basically the same but there will be small changes.

Scavenger Hunt

I hope you are enjoying the Scavenger Hunt!
The item for Monday, June 19, 2017 is below. Scavenger Hunt item

Item: You are hunting for the "Pearl Beaded Bag".
Clue: You will find it in the Fridgie patterns.

Don't forget to check the download pages only.
It will not be on any of the actual pattern pages.

Today's Featured Pattern!

Today's Featured Pattern! Today's Featured Pattern' is:
"Lacy Shell Tree Top Angel"
This angel is fun to make and would be pretty on the top of any Christmas Tree!

All of the patterns on this site are free! Enjoy! Starting sometime in 2017, I will start adding other designer's patterns to the site. If you would like for me to visit a site to pick a few free patterns from, let me know. The main criteria, for me to add the pattern to my database, is there has to be a photo of the project, an actual pattern page as well as a downloadable PDF file.

1000 Point Tracker

You will find today's 1000 point tracker in the

Pot Holder Patterns

Paw Print Tracker

Today's Word is:

Points based on Scrabble Points x 10!

JPFun Bingo Game

Bingo Game

Current Game "Checkerboard"

Today's Numbers: N34, O69, G60

Previous Game: "Capital H"

1 Verified Winner
Catherine Bernard Prize: Surprise Pack
Please send me an email with your mailing address in it, to verify your mailing address!

One Card Per Person Please!
Make sure, when you register, you use the same username for your Bingo Card as you do for your points account!

Please Read Terms and Conditions When You Register

Latest Pattern News

Loopy Beaded Bracelet

"Loopy Beaded Bracelet"

Added: June 7, 2016

This bracelet is made with memory wire, beads and a Cotton/nylon yarn! It is fun to make and would look great with any casual outfit!

Weekly Raffle

Congratulations to Our Winners!

June 18, 2017 Colleen Lobel: Surprise Pack
June 11, 2017 Taerie Kelly Prize: Surprise Pack
June 4, 2017 Catherine Bernard Prize: Surprise Pack
May 28, 2017 Karon Cramer Prize: Surprise Pack

Weekly Surprise Pack

On Sundays, I will pick a weekly raffle winner! You cannot win more than once in a given month. Please allow up to a week to 10 days for postal delivery of your prize. Prizes go out in the Mail the Monday after the Sunday the winner is chosen unless there is a Monday holiday, then it will go out on Tuesday.

The prize, until further notice, will be a surprise pack. It will be something from my inventory for the craft fairs I participated in. I have decided I am no longer going to participate in any craft fair since the return on my time and money investment is not worth it. So from now on, when I make stuff for YouTube videos, the items I make multiples of, for the sake of the video, will be used as prizes, as well as other stuff I make, or have in my stash that I don't need anymore. I may even use stuff I recycle for my crochet patterns like emtpy tape cores, milk jug rings, and anything else that is small that I have used in my patterns. This is the reason it is called a Surprise pack, I don't even know what I will put into it until I actually put the prize pack together.

Latest Video News

I have added a new video to my YouTube Channel!

How to Make Earrings with Large Hole Beads

Latest Updated Pattern

My Little Tote

Popcorn Pillowghan Square12

Originally designed in May 1, 1999, the Popcorn Pillowghan Square12 is the latest pattern I have updated! What I did to it was, I did not have the original photo on my computer but I did have the origina square in storage so I just took a new photo of it. The photo is bigger, has a white background and is more clear. I also updated the pdf file that goes with it!